June 24, 2018 - MSBS Hammer Championship

Oil Pattern: MSBS Sting Ray (37 feet)
Entry Fee: $100/$120

If you have spent $145 or more in MSBS entry fees since April 2017, then your entry fee for this event will be $100
If you have bowled in any MSBS event since August 2012 and spent less than $145 in entry fees since April 2017, then your entry fee for this event will be $120

Squad A (limited to 120 entries) -- 11:00am;  Check-In 9:30am - 10:50am

FORMAT (based on 120 entries)
Qualifying: 6-games across 6 pairs of lanes.
Round 2:  Cut to top 30 (based on 120 entries), then bowlers will bowl 3 more games (pins carrying over).
Round 3:  Cut to top 15 based on 9-game total pinfall plus 1 wild card (highest Round 2 three-game score who did NOT advance)  Bowlers will then bowl 3 more games (pins carrying over).
Final Round:  Top 4 bowlers bowl a 3-game round robin with 30-pin bonus to the winner of each match (pins carry over from earlier rounds also).

Prize Ratio:  A minimum of 1 in 4 entries will cash in this event

With a minimum of 3 senior bowlers (50 and up), the highest non-cashing senior bowler will receive $120
With a minimum of 3 lady bowlers, the highest non-cashing lady will receive $120

Brian Regan
cell (810) 240-6175
email brian@scratchbowling.com

1JR Raymond22821422827917625301378
2Tom Smallwood21422226117725823401366
3Abed Daher21916021827723923201345
4Aaron Lorincz21325723621422119101332
5Bill Kazmierski1942672251662242141290
6Michael Jacobs2131802032342352201285
7Marcus McClain19221318123723621401273
8Alex Ouellette20920318323717523601243
9Kurry Crayton2102191721952052331234
10Ronnie Sparks, Jr.20522522317220320201230
11Nick Cooper21624121716019320301230
12Dylin Hunter19120417918324322701227
13Charlie Brown16120022720520822601227
14Dan Pollak13622422721218323601218
15Shane DuFresne20515020724621219701217
16Frank Snodgrass20119015921720224601215
17Andre Gonzales20117021421721619201210
18Dan Hochstein16724424120017218101205
19Tim Bell1972251761581942471197
20Drew Klingler18220421717922218801192
21David Higgs22814418620319822601185
22Chris Steward1962081831622212121182
23Mike Keith21018122316021119201177
24Charles Easton18621219016921819401169
25Travis Kominek15922618319119021401163
26Joe Hutchings20319316820320118901157
27Doug Moore15017819420422420701157
28Gary Schluchter1691501981892232181147
29Sam Brandt20516216319523418501144
30Chuck Reynolds Jr1921511812131732241134
31Jeff Roche2351711521812241711134
32Scott Stephens1891791702191672091133
33Brian Odom1881791512201981931129
34Shane Peak1731611622361582271117
35Justin Knowles18317221117817019701111
36Mick Eaton1501922311701642041111
37Chandler Stevens1601911861152482071107
38Mike Goike17118714520417921101097
39Corey Miller20018316818718117701096
40Conner Weber17717717120317019701095
41Bo Goergen1771851641881582161088
42Brian Ivey1811532011782131601086
43Vince Como1691961811692091571081
44Brian Burke2501031891392031961080
45Shawn Bibee20114317515618821501078
46Scott Patton1971531901801701851075
47Jordan Dennie17117914316817023601067
48James Skelly II20515315318616317701037
49Zac Tackett1731691661901681701036
50Jimmy Mitchell1671552371521691551035
51Derrick Norman1481781732011901451035
52Carleton Chambers1531921542251481601032
53Anthony Kennard1691861351492081821029
54Carey Bock18116715621915713701017
55Earl Pugh16418220316312817401014
56Earon Vollmar17516318514817216201005
57Jeremy Skelly17717816617915714501002
58Steven Altobello166139138160183212998
59Joey Shaker1801771611511651620996
60Adrian Bradley176133176166156186993
61Scott Hasen, Jr.164151191178145161990
62Jordan Bryant155147175181198130986
63Jacob Schultz1391351671802031390963
64Darrin Greene136157192134195138952
65Kyle Clement2091901321431421330949
66Davis Vandercook1711141731731591430933
67Stephen Carrier166149130160167160932
68Ray Shepherd1141511531441981650925
69Robert Rowe1221611531591471760918
70Jonathon Dean138156129180158145906
71Victor Cortez20816821148176181902
72Mike Kirian174167134130137150892
73Phil Hoefler158163161127130138877
74Sam LaMantia131124135141124187842

Top 10 advance plus a wild card
1Abed Daher13452572022572061
2JR Raymond13782352032252041
3Tom Smallwood13662072461551974
4Andre Gonzales12102682452261949
5Aaron Lorincz13322542121491947
6Marcus McClain12732142302231940
7Ronnie Sparks, Jr.12302302262381924
8Michael Jacobs12851472362351903
9Frank Snodgrass12152012102591885
10Charlie Brown12272781752031883
11Nick Cooper12302541802061870
12Dylin Hunter12272332201901870
13Alex Ouellette12431962231971859
14Bill Kazmierski12901752081791852
15Dan Hochstein12052001982091812
16Dan Pollak12182032241671812
17Shane DuFresne12172002121491778
18Tim Bell11971832311581769
19Kurry Crayton12341311811851731

Top 4 advance to a 3-game round robin
1JR Raymond20412262682122747
2Abed Daher20611972002252683
3Tom Smallwood19742432112362664
4Ronnie Sparks, Jr.19241972752582654
5Marcus McClain19402242272402631
6Aaron Lorincz19472392132112610
7Andre Gonzales19491622542072572
8Charlie Brown18831952702022550
9Michael Jacobs19031592052102477
10Frank Snodgrass18851462081982437
11Dylin Hunter18701741862022432

Match 1

Pos.NameQual. ScoreBonusGame 1Game 2Game 3Total Score
1JR Raymond2747302451932363451
2Abed Daher2683602362132573449
3Tom Smallwood2664602202212463411
4Ronnie Sparks, Jr.2654302212471893341

The actual payout of this event will be posted here once the event has begun, and we know the number of entries.

Payout Scenario #1 Payout Scenario #2

80 entries
1st -- $2000
2nd --  $1200
3rd -- $800
4th -- $600
5th -- $400
6th -- $350
7th -- $330
8th -- $310
9th --$290
10th -- $270
11th -- $250
12-20 -- $150
Ladies -- $150
Senior -- $150

Entry Breakdown $75 prizes, $10 expenses, $15 lineage
$75 x 80 entries = $6000
Total Payout = $8450

120 entries
1st -- $2000
2nd -- $1200

Rest of payout coming soon

Entry Breakdown $75 prizes, $10 expenses, $15 lineage
$75 x 120 entries = $9000
Total Payuot = $11,000