Sweeper Series

2020 MSBS Sprummer Sweeper Series

In 2020 we have bumped up the entry fee in most regions to $45 to match Metro Detroit.  Some events are still $50 and the rolloff events are still $60 in each region.  Greater Toledo and South MI are on varoius days now...mostly Sundays and still some Tuesdays.   ARCHIVES

2019 MSBS Sprummer Sweeper Series

In 2019 we have made a few changes.  Fewer bowlers per region will be automatically seeded at the September Championship (which is being held at Thunderbowl in Allen Park on Sunday, September 8).  This was something that many of our bowlers voiced their opinions about.  Also we've split a couple of regions into two and added a couple of new regions.  Metro Detroit is split into two, and we have gone back to having the Flint/Tri Cities region separate from the Mid-MI region. The Southern MI and Northern MI regions are the two new regions for 2019.  Also any region where we have added money to the rolloff, you must compete in at least one event in that region in order to qualify for the rolloff in that region.  Currently it looks like that will only apply to the Metro Detroit rolloff and the Greater Toledo rolloff.  Click links below to find more details on each specific region. 2018 MSBS Sprummer Sweeper Series 2017/2018 Tuesday Eastland Kalamazoo Sweepers
September 5, 2017 -- Dead Man's Curve (43 feet)
October 10, 2017 -- USBC Masters 2013 (39 feet)
November 7, 2017 -- Kegel Boardwalk (35 feet)
December 5, 2017 -- Kegel Turnpike (41 feet)

2017/2018 Tuesday Bowlero Battle Creek Sweepers
September 19, 2017 -- MSBS Boulder (38 feet)
October 17, 2017 -- MSBS Hippo (41 feet)
November 21, 2017 -- MSBS Griffin (44 feet)
December 19, 2017 -- MSBS Centaur (36 feet)
January 16, 2017 -- MSBS Unicorn (48 feet)
February 20, 2017 -- MSBS Cyclops (40 feet)

2017 MSBS Sprummer Sweeper Series