2019 Sprummer Sweeper Series - Northern MI

POINTS...AS OF 8/28/2019
1st Justin Knowles 5 2466
2nd Alex Ouellette 4 2376
3rd Jason Bark 5 2134
4th Larry Jenne, Sr. 2 1384

Membership --This year there will be a $10 membership fee for anyone bowling in any of the MSBS Sweeper Series Regions, and it can be paid $5 for first event and $5 at the second event bowled.  If anybody only competes in one of these events, then they will only have to pay the original $5 fee.  100% of these membership fees will go toward the September Midwest Championship prize fund!  You only need to compete in one sweeper and pay the full $10 membership in order to qualify for that championship event.  Full details are coming soon!
Points -- https://1drv.ms/x/s!AskZhVDGJgY1n1sC0uoCeArZY7d4
Personal Points -- Each bowler's top 3 events will count toward their points in this region.  The top 2 in points in this region leading up to the August rolloff will be seeded into the casher's rounds.  The top 1 in points after the August rolloff will be seeded into the casher's rounds of the September Midwest Championship along with the winner of this region's rolloff..
Point system -- https://www.scratchbowling.com/point-system-format-b

We will be running 7 regular sweepers with a 8th week Rolloff.  Below is the schedule along with basic information for this sweeper series.

September Midwest Sweeper Championsihp.
Frida March 8 Striketown Manistee Manistee MSBS Scarlett O'Kunis 42'
Friday March 22 Mancelona Lanes (baker doubles) Mancelona MSBS Brussel Sprout 38'
Friday May 3 Northern Lanes (doubles) Sanford MSBS Crud Muffin 43'
Sunday June 9 Main Street Lanes Standish USBC Open Championships 2016 S/D 39'
Sunday June 30 The Gate Big Rapids Kegel Boardwalk 35'
Sunday July 21 B.C. Lanes Boyne City EBT 14 - Ebonite English Open (2009) 41'
TBA August 4 Lucky Jack's Traverse City Kegel Eiffel Tower 48'
Saturday August 17 Northern MI Rolloff
Gaylord Bowling Center
Gaylord MSBS Pilonosaurus 40'
Sunday September 8 Midwest Sweeper
Allen Park
WTBA Los Angeles (2019) 38'