2018 Sprummer Sweeper Series - Western Michigan

POINTS...AS OF 8/31/2018
1st Sam Brandt 8 4616
2nd Justin Knowles 7 3122
3rd Charlie Brown 11 3094
4th Ryan Lovett 7 2974

Membership --This year there will be a $10 membership fee for anyone bowling in any of the MSBS Sweeper Series Regions, and it can be paid $5 for first event and $5 at the second event bowled.  If anybody only competes in one of these events, then they will only have to pay the original $5 fee.  100% of these membership fees will go toward the September Midwest Championship prize fund!  You only need to compete in one sweeper and pay the full $10 membership in order to qualify for that championship event.  Full details are coming soon!
Points -- https://1drv.ms/x/s!AskZhVDGJgY1mj1BlLyEPn1eaQYq
Personal Points -- Each bowler's top 5 events will count toward their points.  The top 4 in points in this region leading up to the August 27 rolloff will be seeded into the casher's rounds.  The top 4 in points after the August 21 rolloff will be seeded into the casher's rounds of the September Midwest Championship.
Point system -- https://www.scratchbowling.com/point-system-format-b

We will be running 12 regular sweepers with a 13th week Rolloff.  Below is the schedule along with basic information for this sweeper series.

September Midwest Sweeper Championsihp.  Top 6 bowlers in points from Metro Detroit along with the top 4 from each of the other regions are seeded into the casher's round of this event.  All bowlers from all regions who have competed in at least one 2017 Sprummer sweeper and paid the full $10 membership are eligible for this event.
Friday March 16 Bowling Alley Ionia Ionia EBT San Marino Open 41'
Friday March 30 Lakeside Lanes South Haven MSBS Cauliflower 37'
Monday April 16 Sherman Bowling Center Muskegon MSBS Unicorn 48'
Monday April 23 Hudsonville Lanes Hudsonville Pad Machine 38'
Monday May 7 Starlite Lanes Grand Haven Envoy CSO Day 1 43'
Monday May 21 Wenger's Grand Rapids Spray Oil 40'
Monday June 4 Rockford Lanes Rockford Kegel Boardwalk 35'
Monday June 18 Northland Lanes Holland MSBS Bearded Dragon 45'
Monday July 2 Jacket Lanes Greenville EBT 5th Catalina Open 42'
Monday July 16 Northway Lanes Muskegon MSBS 39 39'
Monday July 30 Fairlanes Grandville EBT Hammer Shietspoel 44'
Monday August 13 Westgate Bowl Comstock Park EBT Aalborg International 2004 38'
Monday August 27 Western MI Rolloff
Spectrum Lanes
Wyoming Kegel Turnpike 41'
Sunday September 9 Midwest Sweeper