September 27, 2013 - Mayflower Super Sweeper

Oil Pattern: MSBS 45 (45 feet)
Entry Fee: $100

Format: 4-game qualifier, cut to top 16 for match play (based on full field of 96 entries) 
Match Play: Seeded bracket, single game elimination. With 96 entries, top 16 make the cut and top 24 cash. 
Round 1: 16 bowl single game matches to cut to 8. Top 2 losing scores also advance to make 10. 
Round 2: 10 bowl single game matches to cut to 5. Top losing score also advances to make 6. 
Round 3: 6 bowl single game matches to cut to 3. Top losing score also advances to make 4. 
Semi-Finals: 4 bowl single game match to cut to 2
Finals: 2 remaining bowlers bowl single game match to determine the champion.
Prize Ratio: 1 in 4 cash

<><><>LIMITED TO 96 ENTRIES<><><>
All competition is scratch!

PAYOUT (with full field of 96 entries)
1st) $2000
2nd) $1000
3rd-4th) $500
5th-6th) $350
7th-10th) $250
11th-16th) $170
17th-24th) $120

$20 Jackpot (includes each game and totals)
$5 brackets for games 1-2-3 and 2-3-4

LIMITED FIELD! Please pre-register to save your spot!
Contact Brian Regan (810) 240-6175,

Brought to you by and the Midwest Scratch Bowling Series

* Top 14 bowlers made the cut to match play
1Brandon Novak236206225258925
2Dustin Ochoa198206256258918
3Anthony Wright221216214244895
4Bill O'Neill235208212234889
5Nathan Bohr225214221216876
6Brian Himmler247182192253874
7Michael Machuga246201204223874
8Bryson Rogers232206186242866
9Lee Vanderhoef215240175236866
10Frank Snodgrass168257237200862
11Rob Gotchall258171217212858
12Chris Arcaro168210254223855
13Dan MacLelland201180245225851
14Andrew Anderson205212236195848
15Bobby Bures, Sr.212266181188847
16Bobby Bures, Jr.189209226217841
17Geoffrey Young163208257211839
18Aaron Lorincz227180231200838
19Liz Johnson257189205185836
20Jimmy Ogden224240206163833
21JR Raymond234214203180831
22Mike Albert208205195214822
23Craig Nidiffer226180233181820
24Tom Daugherty200153214252819
25Lonnie Jones182191236207816
26DJ Archer148254227187816
27Ronnie Sparks, Jr.258211184158811
28Dan Higgins199182236192809
29Matt Gasn192192191233808
30Ryan Powers237196196178807
31Tony Carson206227177197807
32Casey Shephard170209200213792
33Kyle Troup159227196208790
34Brian Robinson196229193171789
35Randy Weiss191201194203789
36Seby Silvestri195193174214776
37Adam Monks165213166227771
38Zeke Bayt227186155203771
39Bob Hale148219215186768
40Todd Book223193148194758
41Tim Mayer214162173204753
42Gary Faulkner (Florida)197167223162749
43Ari Wilson182197200166745
44Kurt Pilon171207184179741
45Chad Vendeville183200184169736
46Anthony Colosimo218189164162733
47Jeremy Dixson188181182170721
48Branden Dale191201187142721
49Gabe Jacks152188169197706
50Mason Brantley158174188177697
51John Pierce119207148195669
52Jason Bowles181199148125653
53Justin Neiman128168155183634
54Kevin Hicks144203122148617
55Andy Glass137163135161596

Match 1

NameGame 1Total Score
Andrew Anderson228228
Brandon Novak192192

Match 2

NameGame 1Total Score
Dan MacLelland258258
Dustin Ochoa203203

Match 3

NameGame 1Total Score
Chris Arcaro158158
Anthony Wright156156

Match 4

NameGame 1Total Score
Rob Gotchall242242
Bill O'Neill214214

Match 5

NameGame 1Total Score
Nathan Bohr204204
Frank Snodgrass203203

Match 6

NameGame 1Total Score
Brian Himmler205205
Lee Vanderhoef169169

Match 7

NameGame 1Total Score
Bryson Rogers181181
Michael Machuga174174

Match 1

NameGame 1Total Score
Bill O'Neill226226
Nathan Bohr199199

Match 2

NameGame 1Total Score
Rob Gotchall197197
Chris Arcaro187187

Match 3

NameGame 1Total Score
Brian Himmler246246
Andrew Anderson195195

Match 4

NameGame 1Total Score
Michael Machuga220220
Dan MacLelland195195

Match 1

NameGame 1Total Score
Bill O'Neill223223
Rob Gotchall194194

Match 2

NameGame 1Total Score
Michael Machuga237237
Brian Himmler217217

Match 1

NameGame 1Total Score
Bill O'Neill241241
Michael Machuga198198