September 12, 2020 -- MSBS Sprummer Championship

Oil Pattern: MSBS Zavy (40 feet)
Entry Fee: $60



You simply need to pay the $10 annual membership plus bowl in any MSBS event ever in order to quailfy.  You can pay the membership at the event if you haven't paid it in 2020 yet.  Added money comes directly from memberships.  We will also allow people to prepay for the Sep. 13 Midwest Major and use that entry to be eligible for this event!

Squad A (limited to 90 entries) -- Saturday 10:00am.  Check-in 9:00am - 9:50am
Squad B (limited to 90 entries) -- Saturday 2:00pm.  Check-in 1:00pm - 1:50pm

FORMAT (based on 180 entries, 90 in each squad)
Qualifying: 5-games across 5 pairs of lanes.
Eliminator Rounds:  The top 1/4 of each squad will come back after B squad to bowl a 2-game eliminator round, cutting the field in half.  Then 1-game eliminator rounds will continue and cutting the field in half after each round unti we get to the top 4.  Pins carry over until the top 4, and then they start fresh.  Top 4 will bowl a 3-game round robin with bonus pins to determine the champion.  There will be a wild card advancing in each of the first two rounds of elimnator.  Wild card is the highest score of that round who did not advance.   

With 3 or more seniors, the highest non-cashing senior will  cash in this event.
With 3 or more ladies, the highest non-cashing lady will cash in this event.

Prize Ratio:  A minimum of 1 in 3 entries will cash in this event

Brian Regan
cell (810) 240-6175

1Kyle Waynick2042441832172241072
2Eddie Sigurdson2201771432162571013
3Brad Angelo2141931962191861008
4Pat Young, Jr.2222141712241721003
5Chad Close204197228186182997
6Jeremy Dixson174233182170223982
7Zach Sullivan220173190194192969
8Charles Easton200203175162213953
9Matt Roberts152170200208222952
10Andre Gonzales150188230203181952
11Andrew Bleakley226178168191186949
12Marc Protske192197188187179943
13Michael Metzgar149189213200188939
14Davonn Deaver264153193157148915
15Jacob Dempsey147168202204182903
16Leon Lusane189156180190184899
17Ryan Land151141194216183885
18Alex Burton172186189172161880
19Art Gaines134203217170148872
20Blain Patrick166146235169145861
21Ryan Abbott161195158205133852
22Fleming Cook176154156183176845
23Nicholas Hendrickson152165156157211841
24Harold Klukowski132184191164165836
25David Retan156192151192134825
26Sam Burton170116186146202820
27Edward DeGraaf136167165164179811
28Jeff Novak174138166136193807
29Dallas Proctor178171147174113783
30Taiya Williams133192180144117766
31Alex Hale20018115113797766
32Andrew Peterson168154137171133763
33Bill Tusin139185100141162727
34Zach Horgan135157166157108723
35Frank Murriel131112141145164693
36Brandon Heldt136136116143142673
37Michael Cheresko117138165125122667
38William Franke148158111138112667
1AJ Rice2682572452352171222
2Andrew Anderson2792372471822321177
3Justin Knowles2152792282072381167
4Michael Jachcinski2622421891922471132
5Chad Stephen1642042351992781080
6Brian Waliczek2661992252181671075
7Brad Angelo2012192291862341069
8Michael Williams II (Columbus)2192092431942011066
9Charlie Zelechowski1882571712462001062
10Chandler Stevens2262081852252101054
11Andrew Smith2122322121881881032
12Trevor Roberts1842612122011701028
13Alex Ouellette2241782061792401027
14Frank Snodgrass2121901921952361025
15Matt Mueller2411412112321941019
16David Northouse2291882122041781011
17Charlie Brown2001712202172011009
18Ronnie Sparks, Jr.1961962082012021003
19Gary Schluchter179207196224189995
20Cody Johnston155241203223167989
21Conner Lackey172288193159176988
22Kevin McCune189220184166222981
23Conner Weber201169224207180981
24Bryan Eaton173255178178195979
25Travis Kominek223166219188181977
26Brandon Novak205199157211198970
27JR Raymond165178233179214969
28Richard Jones Jr.166180170195257968
29Ryan O'Harra203221164201174963
30Kyle McGrath174196200184201955
31J.J. Westhoven189151244163201948
32Alan Telling178186169235177945
33Brad Delmarle167200127254194942
34Scott Matthies180170218216157941
35Cory Hines192171172200203938
36Jenna Beatty178202179206171936
37Liz Payeur224156200175179934
38Joshua Felcoski186194168170188906
39Justin Austin180154170214185903
40Vince Como165172207186172902
41Corbin Garris183213187145170898
42Jonah Musial166176156212187897
43Kyle Lewis146175215183175894
44Jordan Richard196166179155187883
45Jon Niemiec230162156141187876
46David Smith179182148198164871
47Antonio Louis188168178177155866
48Thomas Gunter196157162158180853
49Brian Orth159160174197162852
50Julia Huren148195210148151852
51Cassandra Daleski211202130153155851
52Collin Rickey178199154185135851
53C.J. Kerr209160200134133836
54Charles McLeod181152157146192828
55Bill Froberg153191145144192825
56David Retan155176160140190821
57Jarrod Wilbur158199183162114816
58Mike Kirian184178147150154813
59Kylie Middleton170153153180156812
60Emily Moharter170181151138169809
61Kenneth Ross184153169158143807
62Brandon Heldt163145163158177806
63Taran Heersma150142170194145801
64Trey Raynes135139195191132792
65Gregory Hall203141163131133771
66Charles Young, Jr.124102196169176767
67Scott Percha107185179157138766
68Ronald Bradley2001591971690725
69Donna Sailor129172135148132716
70LeAndre Thomas2471771301430697
71Willie Johnson, Jr.144156132119118669

Match 1

Pins carry over until we get to the top 4 for the Round Robin final
Pos.NameGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Total Score
1AJ Rice211217258300986
2Michael Jachcinski254227195239915
3Justin Knowles257235208197897
4Andrew Anderson232224204223883
5Andre Gonzales244172231172819
6Kyle Waynick169230224177800
7Trevor Roberts202229201163795
8Gary Schluchter220179230144773
9Chandler Stevens2062122010619
10Brian Waliczek1882162030607
11Alex Ouellette1852111640560
12Charles Easton2471481580553
13Matt Mueller1902361230549
14Pat Young, Jr.2101831510544
15Chad Close18420700391
16Charlie Zelechowski18619800384
17Michael Williams II (Columbus)19219200384
18Brad Angelo14623500381
19Chad Stephen16620800374
20Charlie Brown19716400361
21Matt Roberts17418100355
22Zach Sullivan19116400355
23Eddie Sigurdson18616700353
24Frank Snodgrass17117800349
25Ronnie Sparks, Jr.15019600346
26Andrew Smith17916200341
27David Northouse18115300334
28Jeremy Dixson16616800334

Match 2

Pos.NameQual. ScoreBonusGame 1Game 2Game 3Total Score
1AJ Rice090258259194801
2Andrew Anderson060261259189769
3Justin Knowles030231214235710
4Michael Jachcinski00169193232594

The actual payout of this event will be posted here once the event has begun, and we know the number of entries.

Payout Scenario #1 Payout Scenario #2
120 entries
1st --   $1600
2nd --  $800
3rd/4th -- $500
5th to 8th -- $320
9th to 15th -- $160
16th to 30th -- $80
Lady -- $60
Senior -- $60

Entry Breakdown $40 prizes, $8 expenses, $12 lineage
$40 x 120 entries = $4800
Total Payout = $7120
180 entries (full)
1st --   $2000
2nd --  $1000
3rd -- $600
4th to 6th -- $400
7th to 12th -- $260
13th to 23rd -- $160
24th to 45th -- $80
Lady -- $60
Senior -- $60

Entry Breakdown $40 prizes, $8 expenses, $12 lineage
$40 x 180 entries = $7200
Total Payout = $10,000

The optional side action results will be posted here at the conclusion of the tournament

Regular Jackpot--$20 entry
This jackpot pays out high game for each game and highest series.  With high participation, 2 spots will be paid per game and 2 spots for totals.
Extra Totals Jackpots--$40 entry
3 additional Totals Jackpots will be available at $40 per jackpot.  Each Totals Jackpot will work as follows:
  • At least 1 in 4 will cash in each Jackpot
  • Payout is based on qualifying totals only
  • $35 per entry goes to prize fund, $5 to expenses
Set 1 will run for games 1-2-3
Set 2 will run for games 3-4-5
1st is $25 in each bracket
2nd is $10 in each bracket

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
*there is a limit of 200 brackets per set per person