September 10, 2017 - Sprummer Sweeper MW Championship -- Airport Lanes in Jackson, MI

Oil Pattern: USBC Masters (2013) (39 feet)
Entry Fee: $80-$100


If you have bowled in 5 or more Sprummer sweepers, then your entry fee is $80
If you have bowled in 2-4 Sprummer sweepers, then your entry fee is $90
If you have only bowled in 1 Sprummer sweeper, then your entry fee is $100

Squad A (limited to 130 entries) -- Saturday 1:00pm.  Check-in 11:30am - 12:45pm
Squad B (limited to 130 entries) -- Sunday 10:00am;  Check-In 8:30am - 9:45am

THERE WILL BE NO RE-OIL ON SUNDAY AFTER QUALIFYING.  We need to make sure we get things finished in time for leagues that evening.

FORMAT (based on 150 entries)
Qualifying: 5-games across 5 pairs of lanes.
Eliminator Rounds:  With the top 28 in points automatically advancing, each squad will have it's own cut, and the top 1/5 from each squad will advance to Sunday's Eliminator.  So it will be 1/5 from each squad plus the 28 automatic seeds.  Pins will carry over from qualifying even though each squad has it's own cut.  1st round of eliminator will be a 2-game round and will cut the field to the top 1/4 plus any seeded bowlers from points.  2nd round of eliminator will be a 1-game round and will cut the field to the top 1/3 plus any seeded bowlers from points.  3rd round of eliminator will be a 1-game round and will cut the field to the top 1/3 plus any seeded bowlers from points.  Remaining rounds will be 1-game rounds, cutting the field in half.  Pins will carry over from qualifying and after each round of elimination until the top 3 or top 4.  One wild card will also advance in each of the first two rounds of the eliminator.  Wild card will be the highest total pinfall in that round who did not advance.  Top 3 or 4 will compete in 1-game rounds after dropping all pins up until this point.  

The winners of each of the 6 Sprummer Sweeper regions will be seeded into round 3 of the Eliminator
2nd place finishers from each of the 6 Sprummer Sweeper regions will be seeded into round 2 of the Eiminator
3-8 place from Metro Detroit, 3-4 place from Greater Toledo, 3-4 place from SW Michigan, 3-4 place from Lower Mid-MI, 3-4 place from Eastern MI, and 3-4 place from Western Michigan will be seeded into round 1 of the Eliminator

Prize Ratio:  A minimum of 1 in 3 entries will cash in this event

Brian Regan
cell (810) 240-6175

1Brian Ivey1952171662462301054
2Jessie Bowersock2352131572411851031
3Jim Hennessey1771921601922791000
4Jason Overmyer178232222150193975
5Doug Moore226200182170181959
6Jeremy Skelly222179197154180932
7Ben Hill175202177147212913
8Doug Griffin171213201169153907
9Jeff Engelman163153170200220906
10Jon DeMott206181127162230906
11Randy Hawks180221161155181898
12Michael McKitterick185173156166196876
13Brandon Horde194152157166179848
14Michael Littleton181181128189168847
15Fleming Cook171180171158156836
16Matt Thrun178162127133173773
17Brian Regan174114148144152732
18James Skelly II1891171681200594
1David Carroll21022227821025700001177
2Frank Snodgrass23418125520920700001086
3Lonnie Jones19420924817824200001071
4Charlie Brown21121022720221400001064
5Chad Reiffer22421220217124700001056
6Tim Mayer23023420120217800001045
7Brian Waliczek24424220914519400001034
8Charles Easton19118521723419400001021
9Marcus McClain23416521819819700001012
10Ronnie Sparks, Jr.21418321718720900001010
11Dustin Pierce20717920022219700001005
12Mike Magolan25119018316921000001003
13Aaron Radner2431691692062100000997
14Mike Cabot2311761901952040000996
15Kurry Crayton2312321831811670000994
16Andrew Anderson2481591861942070000994
17Dylin Hunter1962262261751690000992
18Jason McKelvey1651972281672340000991
19Kurt Pilon1962232091562030000987
20Dan Pollak1941921962051860000973
21Cory Hines1481932352141770000967
22Jose Jimenez2091751752251800000964
23Matt Gury1771801891802360000962
24Bill Essman1711882262051710000961
25Conner Weber2111502081882030000960
26Tyler Wilds2361892151671430000950
27Marc LaBarge1721891692072120000949
28Aaron Lorincz1752011772121810000946
29Adrian Bradley1582432131681590000941
30AJ DeMond1751682331831780000937
31Derek Nyenhuis1972121671681920000936
32Matt Bederka1891341592012460000929
33Aaron Koch1631952291861560000929
34Nick Cooper2061651811911860000929
35Jordan Bryant1622031832071710000926
36Brandon Gibson1681781941871950000922
37Joe Hutchings1871421502162260000921
38Scott Patton1871801541882090000918
39Zach Brandt (GR)2021921921561730000915
40Brandon Hill, Jr.1601792081652030000915
41David Owens1891701852161540000914
42Andre Gonzales2111771752031460000912
43Michael Schlabach1682001781991650000910
44Samantha Knight1441841861852100000909
45Edward DeGraaf1951931561721840000900
46Michael Schober1641531591922220000890
47Sam Brandt1371731482002320000890
48Bryan Hodge1551981822021380000875
49Daniel Fox1651421971612070000872
50Jeremy Bartz1442321421721810000871
51Lonnie Lawrence1711441821941770000868
52LeAndre Thomas1622051501951420000854
53Andy Horodecki1731551801651750000848
54Chad Rieger1791541611691820000845
55Collin Rickey1731761531361950000833
56Joel Tamandl1381851611471910000822
57Vince Como1431771611901500000821
58Kyle Owens1691331721721730000819
59Andy Gury1761131631531910000796
60Brad Delmarle1521651841301640000795
61Shawn Bibee1571671391441790000786
62Mitchell Peterson1411561351971560000785
63DJ Rose1451681281781620000781
64Mike Rees1471511301451130000686
65Derek Case211159112000000482

Match 1

Pos.NameQual. ScoreBonusQual. ScoreBonusTotal Score
1David Carroll117702202161613
2Lonnie Jones107102141941479
3Kurt Pilon98702602261473
4Charlie Brown106402121931469
5Tim Mayer104502002111456
6Brian Waliczek103401902261450
7Andrew Anderson99401982461438
8Jessie Bowersock103101832211435
9Mike Magolan100302222021427
10Dylin Hunter99202072281427
11Frank Snodgrass108601791611426
12Conner Weber96002322341426
13Marcus McClain101202052081425
14Ronnie Sparks, Jr.101002132011424
15Charles Easton102102151811417
16Chad Reiffer105601412171414
17Jim Hennessey100002141921406
18Jason McKelvey99102141961401
19Brian Ivey105401471801381
20Tyler Wilds95002012291380
21Dustin Pierce100501971751377
22Mike Cabot99602101661372
23Doug Moore95901992141372
24Kurry Crayton99401442301368
25Nick Cooper92901822461357
26Aaron Radner99701462121355
27Derek Nyenhuis93602102071353
28David Owens91402032311348
29Jason Overmyer97501881841347
30Jose Jimenez96401861921342
31Cory Hines96702011721340
32AJ DeMond93702141831334
33Aaron Lorincz94601842031333
34Zach Brandt (GR)91502311841330
35Jeremy Skelly93201732011306
36Brandon Gibson92202231571302
37Kyle Owens81902162051240
38Shawn Bibee78601802011167
39Chad Rieger84501801291154
40DJ Rose78101801661127

Match 1

Pos.NameQual. ScoreBonusQual. ScoreTotal Score
1David Carroll161302121825
2Tim Mayer145602571713
3Kurt Pilon147302231696
4Charles Easton141702661683
5Dylin Hunter142702401667
6Lonnie Jones147901831662
7Marcus McClain142502341659
8Jessie Bowersock143502231658
9Brian Waliczek145002061656
10Conner Weber142602171643
11Charlie Brown146901631632
12Andrew Anderson143801631601
13Tyler Wilds138002121592
14Cory Hines134002221562
15Doug Moore137201771549
16Zach Brandt (GR)133002151545
17Brian Ivey138101571538
18Derek Nyenhuis135301791532
19Brandon Gibson130202001502
20Chad Rieger115402191373

Match 1

Pos.NameQual. ScoreBonusQual. ScoreTotal Score
1David Carroll182502212046
2Tim Mayer171302091922
3Kurt Pilon169602161912
4Lonnie Jones166202301892
5Marcus McClain165902281887
6Charles Easton168302021885
7Dylin Hunter166701531820
8Andrew Anderson160101971798
9Brandon Gibson150202531755
10Cory Hines156201811743
11Derek Nyenhuis153201831715
12Doug Moore154901641713

Match 1

Pos.NameQual. ScoreBonusQual. ScoreTotal Score
1David Carroll204601602206
2Tim Mayer192201992121
3Kurt Pilon191202022114
4Charles Easton188502122097
5Marcus McClain188701802067
6Lonnie Jones189201702062

Match 1

Pos.NameGame 1Total Score
1Kurt Pilon213213
2Tim Mayer193193
3David Carroll151151

Match 1

NameGame 1Total Score
Kurt Pilon254254
Tim Mayer234234

The actual payout of this event will be posted here once the event has begun, and we know the number of entries.

Payout Scenario #1 Payout Scenario #2

150 entries
(based on 600 members)
1st --   $2300
2nd --  $1400
3rd/4th -- $750
5th to 8th -- $465
9th to 16th -- $300
17th to 29th -- $200
30th - 50th -- $140

Entry Breakdown $60 prizes, $8 expenses, $12 lineage
$60 x 150 entries = $9000
Total Payout = $15,000

240 entries
(based on 600 members)
1st --   $2300
2nd --  $1400
3rd -- $900
4th to 5th -- $600
6th to 9th -- $480
10th to 17th -- $320
18th to 33rd -- $220
34th - 80th -- $140

Entry Breakdown $60 prizes, $8 expenses, $12 lineage
$60 x 240 entries = $14,400
Total Payout = $20,400