August 10, 2017 - Wonderland Lanes Metro Detroit Rolloff

Oil Pattern: MSBS Cauliflower (for transfer roller) (38 feet)
Entry Fee: $60
Squad A -- 7:30pm
Check-In -- 6:00pm - 7:15pm

Qualifying: 4-games across 4 pairs of lanes.
Eliminator: Cut to top 20 (based on 60 entries), then bowlers bowl 2 more games and cut to the top 10 with pins carrying over from qualifying up to this point.  Pins are dropped for the rest of the event after the completion of 6 games.  1 more game cut to top 5. 1 more game cut to top 3.  1 more game cut to top 2.  1 more game for the final.  
Prize Ratio:  A minimum of 1 in 3 entries will cash in this event. 


Brian Regan
cell (810) 240-6175
1Andrew Anderson217226227243913
2Jordan Bryant243235223191892
3JR Raymond214238210213875
4Matt Bederka190238210228866
5Lonnie Jones242206216200864
6Tom Sorce223225190217855
7Tim Mayer180231236194841
8Nick Cooper222244183189838
9Kerry Kreft169208227232836
10Carleton Chambers213196199223831
11Brian Waliczek170177202278827
12Aaron Radner221193170242826
13Sam Brandt162163269224818
14Jordan Richard174201192249816
15Drew Klingler218181235180814
16Craig Nidiffer259189166198812
17Aaron Lorincz221234183171809
18Matthew Coleman189214215189807
19Monty Wonnacott171170246219806
20William Holmes228195193185801
21Shawn Bibee189245188177799
22Vince Como213213189182797
23Cory Hines191179215210795
24Charlie Zelechowski231202175182790
25Mike Magolan176175171267789
26Derrick Norman159225197207788
27Marcus McClain180172215220787
28Jeremy Cornwall134224225203786
29David Owens225186209164784
30Carl Boldt193182191218784
31Gregory Hall219208151203781
32Brian Regan190172225188775
33Alan Raphael172200206186764
34Jason McKelvey205141193224763
35Tina Ripley191188209167755
36Kurt Pilon222163162200747
37Brandon Horde186153218190747
38Doug Stump201182202161746
39Cody Reichenberger200213168165746
40Edward DeGraaf166170207203746
41Jimmy Jackson183146211202742
42Frank Snodgrass204156202180742
43Doug Moore138206157232733
44Kyle Tuttle163166208193730
45Charlie Brown179219149178725
46Kurry Crayton192179164188723
47Brandon Hill, Jr.204147160211722
48Jessie Bowersock181186192159718
49Brian Dimuzio, Jr.178178158200714
50Kenneth DeGraaf197183170160710
51Perry Crowell177177160188702
52Chris Ehrenberg182144156220702
53Willie Rushing, Jr.185168182163698
54LeAndre Thomas162176169188695
55DJ Rose149160157228694
56Adrian Bradley184191187131693
57Monty Wonnacott, Sr.168153234138693
58Ronnie Sparks, Jr.173174177168692
59Joey Krzywonos191171147182691
60Nick Posey150190139206685
61Paul Reppuhn125193188171677
62Phil Pomante II178173161157669
63Ray Shepherd161179169155664
64Anthony Moses167130189176662
65John Hearn127151203179660
66Josh Lueckeman193139164159655
67Andy Gury160154175150639
68Earnest Wilson115131158201605
69Fleming Cook167142138150597
70Ryan Jowske124126125123498
71Bob Wirsing18015700337
72Dan Hochstein17114300314

Match 1

Pins carry over from qualifying for this round only
Pos.NameQual. ScoreBonusGame 1Game 2Total Score
1Andrew Anderson91302242331370
2JR Raymond87502292631367
3Tom Sorce85502132681336
4Lonnie Jones86402372321333
5Tim Mayer84102362401317
6Jordan Richard81602232661305
7Craig Nidiffer81202222481282
8Sam Brandt81802252391282
9Drew Klingler81402392251278
10Matt Bederka86602021961264
11Shawn Bibee79902172471263
12Nick Cooper83802022171257
13Cory Hines79502082461249
14Jordan Bryant89201811721245
15Aaron Lorincz80902361921237
16William Holmes80102032251229
17Carleton Chambers83101732151219
18Monty Wonnacott80601782341218
19Kerry Kreft83601841891209
20Brian Waliczek82701831901200
21Matthew Coleman80702051791191
22Charlie Zelechowski79001901941174
23Aaron Radner82602061391171
24Vince Como79701861661149

Match 1

Pos.NameGame 1Total Score
1Craig Nidiffer249249
2Nick Cooper221221
3Drew Klingler214214
4Tim Mayer214214
5Sam Brandt203203
6Jordan Richard198198
7Shawn Bibee197197
8Lonnie Jones196196
9JR Raymond195195
10Tom Sorce187187
11Matt Bederka181181
12Andrew Anderson165165

Match 1

Pos.NameGame 1Total Score
1Craig Nidiffer244244
2Nick Cooper211211
3Drew Klingler196196
4Tim Mayer192192
5Jordan Richard171171
6Sam Brandt163163

Match 1

Pos.NameGame 1Total Score
1Craig Nidiffer248248
2Drew Klingler241241
3Nick Cooper204204

Match 1

NameGame 1Total Score
Craig Nidiffer248248
Drew Klingler235235

The actual payout of this event will be posted here once the event has begun, and we know the number of entries.

Payout Scenario #1 Payout Scenario #2

60 entries
1st -- $1200
2nd -- $600
3rd -- $400
4th to 5th -- $250
6th to 10th -- $140
11th to 20th -- $80


Entry Breakdown $45 prizes, $5 expenses, $10 lineage
$45 x 60 entries = $2700
Total Payout = $4200

120 entries
1st -- $1200
2nd -- $600
3rd -- $440
4th to 5th -- $305
6th to 10th -- $210
11th to 20th -- $140
21st to 40th -- $80

Entry Breakdown $45 prizes, $5 expenses, $10 lineage
$45 x 120 entries = $5400
Total Payout = $6900

Regular Jackpot--$10 entry
Each game:  $2 per entry goes to 1st
Totals:  $2 per entry goes to 1st
Super Jackpot -- $30 entry
Each game:  $5 per entry
Totals:  $5 per entry
Best 2:  $5 per entry

Set 1 will run for games 1-2-3
Set 2 will run for games 4-3-2
1st is $25 in each bracket
2nd is $10 in each bracket
*there is no limit on the number of $5 brackets that may be entered
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Set 1 will run for games 1-2-3
Set 2 will run for games 2-3-4
1st is $10 in each bracket
2nd is $4 in each bracket
*there is a limit of 125 brackets in each of the $2 bracket sets.