April 1, 2017 - MSBS Hammer Championship

Oil Pattern: MSBS Mantis Shrimp (43 feet) (43 feet)
Entry Fee: $100-$120
If you have spent $145 or more in MSBS entry fees since April 2016, then your entry fee for this event will be $100
If you have bowled in any MSBS event since August 2012, then your entry fee for this event will be $120

Squad A (limited to 180 entries) -- Saturday 10:00am;  Check-In 8:30am - 9:45am

FORMAT (based on 120 entries)
Qualifying: 6-games across 6 pairs of lanes.
Round 2:  Cut to top 30 (based on 120 entries), then bowlers will bowl 3 more games (pins carrying over).
Round 3:  Cut to top 15 based on 9-game total pinfall plus 1 wild card (highest Round 2 three-game score who did NOT advance)  Bowlers will then bowl 3 more games (pins carrying over).
Final Round:  Top 4 bowlers bowl a 3-game round robin with 30-pin bonus to the winner of each match (pins carry over from earlier rounds also).

Prize Ratio:  A minimum of 1 in 4 entries will cash in this event

With a minimum of 3 senior bowlers (50 and up), the highest non-cashing senior bowler will receive $120
With a minimum of 3 lady bowlers, the highest non-cashing lady will receive $120

Brian Regan
cell (810) 240-6175
email brian@scratchbowling.com

1Aaron Lorincz2782412742672242761560
2JR Raymond2673002112592371801454
3Jesse Buss2332552562902291871450
4Tom Smallwood2442392262582362251428
5Scott Honeysett2102372192262332571382
6Andrew Anderson1872182122552382461356
7Kurt Pilon2052792372141742341343
8Chris McClintic1982452112142572051330
9Jason Flaugh2362002272272192161325
10Dan Pollak2692371642442161821312
11Kerry Kreft1932222462022152231301
12George Juszczyk1902342572221932041300
13Doug Moore2282011872022552121285
14Gary Schluchter1601872342562341951266
15Scott Patke1951721862792012261259
16Brian Ivey2102122271671902471253
17Craig Nidiffer2031542362472371741251
18Charlie Brown2691481802382092041248
19Frank Snodgrass2151951862141712661247
20Brian Regan2371581882322242051244
21Fred Sheahan1921912092231572661238
22Carl Boldt2211992581961791801233
23Dan Hochstein2401832102011912051230
24Kyle Leamer1822021422422402091217
25Jason Hartigan2131842111932132011215
26Joe Manor2102041902051902121211
27Andy Schriber1721962062141712421201
28Jason Rasinske2101952022382011551201
29David Owens2202221861691972051199
30Neeko Robison2142021561931642691198
31Drew Klingler2031872252241651941198
32Charles Easton1852001882042152051197
33Bo Goergen2141702042141931991194
34Monty Wonnacott1901901822281972041191
35Lonnie Jones2012451791891712061191
36Kurry Crayton1871892022031682421191
37Jason McKelvey1662061951901932381188
38Cory Hines2141672061781772341176
39Joe Smart2182022101932031471173
40Marcus McClain1792462021911931601171
41Mike Keith1681981871492202471169
42Carleton Chambers1922232151511961911168
43Collin Rickey1961612362221901591164
44Ben Hill1671861702142112121160
45Tyler Scott2071901701941892061156
46Zach Hazel2211712052002111481156
47Chad Vendeville2222002421421711741151
48Josh Inman2051691681732122221149
49DJ Rose1571961922022151781140
50Shane DuFresne1801881862052011801140
51Willie Rushing, Jr.2251641851482371801139
52Conner Weber1301941951911842391133
53Dan Cline1932221572431481661129
54Kyle Owens2011291482462101951129
55Chase Siburt2062291941691971301125
56Jon DeMott1581612011842072111122
57Matt Gury1711581851932012101118
58Eric Tackett1951571771712102071117
59Dave Sill2261571891781851811116
60Greg Rinkevich1811931882011751771115
61Jhamall McGaughy2131831761951611841112
62Andre Gonzales1631712311622061781111
63Joe Hutchings2022361611681831611111
64Josh Sheltrown1791852001862231331106
65Travis Grigsby2021581622012051731101
66Nolan Kinchsular2111361821492002191097
67Todd James1631881811911751891087
68Collin Fox1891891861571661981085
69Brandon Hill, Jr.1821811491802041871083
70Chris Durham2221461771801641761065
71Ken Ciantar1551871951681931651063
72Lewis Marshall1811551462201951591056
73Bill Essman1751912171611681371049
74Jordan Orzech2021491641631881811047
75Aaron Meeker1531742031661821641042
76Scott Patton1631352201661492031036
77Paul Smith1331721801662081701029
78Kevin Mallory1601381781651901961027
79Romeo Dudley1771581521731911751026
80TJ Yeip1791761901561811401022
81Jan Pocaigue1881421991601731591021
82Tyler Harris1391821551671831931019
83Matt Rist1141581792271362031017
84Josh Collopy2002001861581531171014
85Brandon Gibson1811591451401792051009
86Brandon Miller1811381671651871651003
87Trevor MIllard1082191571712091361000
88Bryan Finks156156143172179191997
89Adrian Bradley168190151156144169978
90Connor Fox154184135179144165961
91Vincent Milano109160157168168183945
92Scott Percha166188146153150141944
93Cody Sylvester209143153146143137931
94Charlie Kammerer121182128116142173862
95Aaron Young1511751721891741862
1Aaron Lorincz15602301581782126
2JR Raymond14541981992312082
3Jesse Buss14501942072002051
4Tom Smallwood14282201932002041
5Andrew Anderson13562362152142021
6Jason Flaugh13252781821781963
7Scott Honeysett13821801952021959
8Gary Schluchter12662622212051954
9Dan Pollak13122162112011940
10Doug Moore12852342221991940
11George Juszczyk13002141902251929
12Carl Boldt12331862442521915
13Fred Sheahan12382492152091911
14Kerry Kreft13012061772231907
15Kurt Pilon13431852151531896
16Scott Patke12592251672251876
17Frank Snodgrass12472331802141874
18Chris McClintic13301881821731873
19Charlie Brown12481981822451873
20Craig Nidiffer12512221811921846
21Dan Hochstein12302351642001829
22Brian Ivey12532351591581805
23Kyle Leamer12171972031551772
24Brian Regan12441781661471735
1Aaron Lorincz21261752411882730
2JR Raymond20822451991922718
3Jesse Buss20511922152452703
4Dan Pollak00000
5George Juszczyk00000
6Scott Honeysett00000
7Andrew Anderson00000
8Gary Schluchter00000
9Carl Boldt00000
10Tom Smallwood00000
11Fred Sheahan00000
12Jason Flaugh00000
13Doug Moore00000

Match 1

Pos.NameQual. ScoreBonusGame 1Game 2Game 3Total Score
1Aaron Lorincz2730601882232533454
2Tom Smallwood2653902252442153427
3JR Raymond2718302692151813413
4Jesse Buss270301901642133270

The actual payout of this event will be posted here once the event has begun, and we know the number of entries.

Payout Scenario #1 Payout Scenario #2

80 entries
1st -- $2000
2nd --  $1200
3rd -- $800
4th -- $600
5th -- $400
6th -- $350
7th -- $330
8th -- $310
9th --$290
10th -- $270
11th -- $250
12-20 -- $150
Ladies -- $150
Senior -- $150

Entry Breakdown $75 prizes, $10 expenses, $15 lineage
$75 x 80 entries = $6000
Total Payout = $8450

160 entries
1st -- $2000
2nd -- $1200
3rd -- $1000
4th -- $800
5th -- $600
6th -- $500
7th -- $450
8th -- $400
9th -- $380
10th -- $360
11th -- $350
12th -- $340
13th -- $330
14th -- $320
15th -- $310
16th -- $300
17th -- $290
18th -- $280
19th -- $270
20th -- $260
21st -- $250
22-40 -- $150
Ladies -- $150
Senior -- $150

Entry Breakdown $75 prizes, $10 expenses, $15 lineage
$75 x 160 entries = $12,000
Total Payout = $14,140