October 4-6, 2019 - Gerlach's Bowling 100th Anniversary Extravaganza

Oil Pattern: MSBS Sea Urchin 2 (43 feet)
Entry Fee: $150

Lapeer Recreation opened in 1919 in downtown Lapeer.  This event marks the 100 year anniversary of the bowling center, and Dan Gerlach is adding money to the prize fund to make this a special celebration of 100 years of bringing the sport of bowling to the city of Lapeer, Michigan.  Please check back often to see the progress of the added money, as the goal is to raise $10,000 for this event!  


*Armadillo Squad -- Friday @ Noon (limited to 54 bowlers).  <><><>This squad was just added<><><>
Caterpillar Squad -- Friday @ 7pm (limited to 54 bowlers).  Check-in starts at 6pm.
Porcupine Squad -- Saturday @ 10:00am (limited to 54 bowlers).  Check-in starts at 9am.
Tortoise Squad -- Saturday @ 5pm (limited to 54 bowlers).  Check in starts at 4pm.  This squad could start later depending on finishing time of previous squad.

Warm-ups go on at 10:00am and roll call begins at 9:15am.

Qualifying: 9-games across 9 pairs of lanes.
Match Play: Cut to top 1/4 (max of 45 can come back Sunday if we end up with 4 full squads) of each squad, then bowlers return on Sunday to bowl another 9 game block.  Pins from qualifying drop, but all Sunday pins carry over.  Cut to the top 12 with to bowl 3 more games and cut to the top 6.  Top 6 compete in a 5-game round robin with 30-pin bonus for each win and 15-pin bonus for ties.  A final game position round with bonus pins will finish the day.  18-game total pinfall plus bonus pins determines the final standings for the top 6.
Prize Ratio:  A minimum of 1 in 4 entries will cash in this event


Format Stipulation #1 -- The 3-game Sunday round that preceeds the Round Robin may be ommitted with a smaller than expected turnout, which means the field would cut directly to the top 6 from the Sunday 9-game round in this instance
Format Stipulation #2 -- If the Armadillo squad ends up being added and we end up with 41 or more bowlers in that squad, then we will take a max of 11 bowlers per squad to Sunday's match play plus 1 wild card based on highest non-qualifying scores from all squads, as we do not want more than 45 bowlers coming back on Sunday.  1 in 4 entries would still cash based on squad cashing ratios.

With a minimum of 3 senior bowlers (50 and up), the highest non-cashing senior bowler will receive a last check
With a minimum of 3 lady bowlers, the highest non-cashing lady will receive a last check

Brian Regan
cell (810) 240-6175
email brian@scratchbowling.com
1Zeke Bayt2362482692341612111882251921964
2Charlie Brown2012021922052142382462142111923
3Craig Nidiffer2052201872332012292562011741906
4AJ Rice2222442131792151671732432331889
5Corey Miller3002141892171792011502391871876
6Nick Cooper2031452032042242492292221921871
7Valerie Bercier2262351921801902141882281891842
8JR Raymond2152461852251901622011492141787
9Ronnie Sparks, Jr.2022431891722011811782112091786
10Jeremy Dixson1761902132262161681881692261772
11Conner Weber1972371621791812661821901761770
12Matthew Staninger2231581822131971912411911711767
13Carleton Chambers1911971952341762422011611441741
14Doug Moore1762011931561531892292132141724
15Andre Gonzales2271981691821901641972161531696
16Mike Klosin1721661801761782071992102011689
17Bubba Hambrick1211621811572222112361801811651
18Tom Henson1432091812011931871451872041650
19Erle Boone1791712011701661962031771691632
20John Bercier1662361891171721741512132011619
21Stephen Hammond1702141641611891751911651711600
22Zachary Wilkins1421591791851411882062051811586
23Zac Tackett1802341701731541981541421711576
24Brad Whittaker1821721721651351801542021811543
25Justin VanLith1601761791491551801661791831527
26Benjamin Foster1691631751811441471901521911512
27Paul Smith1641941751281701661431452111496
28Dallas Proctor1191181711831591191731271471316
1Brad Angelo2112032642152031942272242521993
2Zachary Wilkins2442262072161932092342572021988
3Darren Alexander2232361952581682042241922681968
4Mike Eaton, Jr.2792122201821952461861802081908
5David Owens2461782131842461752262132121893
6Scott Matthies1502562562082311911411932161842
7Kevin Mallory2001892182192261631751921701752
8Josh Gerlach2131642261992351521851791941747
9Steve Burton1691922022032012101891672141747
10Scott Percha1262131851881961641821962791729
11Dan Graef1552431761662121652341641761691
12Zach Newman1791641922492231752131591311685
13Brandon Miller2151551981362321871891751821669
14Austin York1521251821591841731952652121647
15Cory Hines1721951821771632032151651701642
16Derrick Norman1902081371912111881482181351626
17Kolien Owens1771481711542021711581702361587
18Anthony Moses1441632191751671571862031721586
19Cameron Gove2031641791811481751971371991583
20Jerry Hendrick1621611881582131821711372041576
21Justice Schihl1521491891712001651881351821531
22Jason Radecki1361731741751481631951891681521
23Dustin Maurer1971491701581551601451891771500
24Sean Bain1561821741951461811511571531495
25Zach Smith157177127176113133120001003
1Darin Craine2242361672041912351572542111879
2Chandler Stevens1902252022002272151541842681865
3Austin York2081832121792451742252141801820
4Carl Boldt2222021951672012161941962241817
5Bill Froberg2162012552372021941941401651804
6William Burns2282321721712251872011402221778
7Vince Como2201601901822311541712352121755
8Robert Siegers1372352102441881611891622191745
9Jon DeMott1611582051812162141882241931740
10Charles Benson2232121911312011732132141691727
11Adam Putnam1561791831801931822042012161694
12Wayne Pinnell1732051941751922321671951611694
13Cameron Gove1821131902072031841861892181672
14Terry McComb2421881891921541691711911451641
15Tom Friedmann1861801611561641922041732181634
16Justin Austin1341562151841742062211641801634
17Jason Cook1581741841421642282232121491634
18Jon Niemiec1741381501841652112031962011622
19Zach Newman1991571821511902251771571641602
20Tom Henson1971611581971692141391891751599
21Todd James2141992231701401371311591921565
22Giancarlo Marrelli2152111551621631611471691771560
23Ryan Markowitz1811571611761541801701631591501
24Cameron Hesselink1391171701572111501601462111461
25Chris Boller1631561881661561411361661841456
26Sean Daugherty1771401601761541461531651421413
27Scott Percha13312919018216821217415401342
1Aaron Lorincz2141952792222131772231782131914
2Brandon Curtis2252432431622152522131821491884
3Justin Knowles2132072092201791912092571921877
4Mykel Holliman2302122032252141962011752021858
5Brian Waliczek1881422272582032321651892331837
6Frank Snodgrass1942102241942241642111911931805
7Charlie Brown2061661781961872092122371751766
8Steve Burton2241991731661792051921842341756
9Joe Bailey1562121832191881862132041681729
10Conner Weber1462081961982061982052131591729
11Alex Ouellette2101852011701942121911621931718
12Joe Hutchings1731722101911961791851842211711
13AJ Rice1842171692181951711741662041698
14Chris Durham1791961971881921921812031561684
15Charles Benson1402232132131911751641781781675
16Josh Gerlach1631801791951931751622251821654
17Darin Craine2161951971471461392231761631602
18Brett Sevon1611801491711902161751491701561
19Natalie Pilecki2271311571471741611582121451512
20Gary Hamilton1582051531391711641891531421474
21Anthony Beck, Jr.1071161271801672031911271481366
22Bert Russell, Jr.1281551731581671531301571221343
23Chris Winn1351691871411381291441481251316
24Alex Gorman1181061561111431181111521161131

Match 1

Pos.Name123456789101112Total Score
1Mike Eaton, Jr.2042482182352242372082092252502222272707
2Frank Snodgrass2032181862182662262672692251912212162706
3Scott Matthies1922552462272022092432292331831852282632
4Aaron Lorincz2052382161852272342141912132552032492630
5Darin Craine2621971582142201652182782362282462042626
6Zachary Wilkins2002142562022562182771821941672162122594
7Brad Angelo2022081882572161772142461961922252472568
8Chandler Stevens2572222011592142451992301862222212092565
9Darren Alexander2052892532132341622032092172161801592540
10Valerie Bercier1751961822452372242052072260001897
11Craig Nidiffer1912191982282381822341822170001889
12Carl Boldt2322021792042261972242042160001884
13Charlie Brown2241642302132002472141842050001881
14Corey Miller2671621692222681762262121690001871
15Bill Froberg1792111572241762062362482320001869
16Austin York2672302152091922071842141500001868
17William Burns1912542081782212011652561790001853
18Nick Cooper1921932351712341722042452020001848
19Zeke Bayt1931632001792672032332241780001840
20Kevin Mallory2571761931562241702331932140001816
21Brian Waliczek1672552361622251851832151830001811
22David Owens1681761772222251952142002210001798
23AJ Rice1862191781651782052411802200001772
24Mykel Holliman2131652121671961922022132040001764
25Vince Como2171931701781831992041471800001671
26Justin Knowles1881941791591721781882012100001669
27Brandon Curtis171152199193217172170000001274

Match 1

Pos.NameQual. ScoreBonusQual. ScoreBonusGame 1Total Score
1Frank Snodgrass2706602352272053433
2Mike Eaton, Jr.2707302101902123349
3Aaron Lorincz2630302242151943293
4Scott Matthies2632601822102013285

The actual payout of this event will be posted here once the event has begun, and we know the number of entries.

Payout Scenario #1 Payout Scenario #2

162 entries
1st -- $6000
2nd --  $3000
3rd -- $2000
4th -- $1500
5th -- $1300
6th -- $1100
7th -- $800
8th -- $760
9th -- $720
10th -- $680
11th -- $640
12th --$600
13-42 -- $400 down to $250
*Highest Non-Cashing Lady -- $250
*Highest Non-Cashing Senior -- $250

*We must have a minimum of 3 in each division in order to pay these incentives.

Entry Breakdown $115 prizes, $10 expenses, $25 lineage
$115 x 162 entries = $18,630
Total Payout = $28,680

216 entries
1st -- $6000
2nd --  $3000
3rd -- $2000
4th -- $1500
5th -- $1300
6th -- $1100
7th -- $900
8th -- $870
9th -- $840
10th -- $810
11th -- $780
12th --$750
13-45 -- $500 down to $300
46-54 -- $250 apiece
*Highest Non-Cashing Lady -- $250
*Highest Non-Cashing Senior -- $250

*We must have a minimum of 3 in each division in order to pay these incentives.

Entry Breakdown $115 prizes, $10 expenses, $25 lineage
$115 x 216 entries = $24,840
Total Payout = $34,970

The optional side action results will be posted here at the conclusion of the tournament

Regular Jackpot--$30 entry
This jackpot will pay $3 per high game each game and $3 per high series.
 Jackpot--$20 entry
This jackpot will pay $5 per each highest 3-game set (1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8-9) and $5 per hi-lo.
Set 1 will run for games 1-2-3
Set 2 will run for games 4-5-6
Set 3 will run for games 7-8-9
1st is $25 in each bracket
2nd is $10 in each bracket

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
*there is a limit of 200 brackets per person each set