2019 Northern Open

Oil Pattern: MSBS Crud Muffin (43 feet)
Entry Fee: $100/$80


A Squad -- Friday @ 8:30pm.  Check-in starts at 7:30pm.
B Squad -- Saturday @ 10:00am Check-in starts at 9am.
C Squad -- Saturday @ 1:00pm (could start later if A squad is big)
D Squad -- Saturday @ 5:00pm
Desperado Squad -- Saturday @ 8:00pm

Qualifying: 5-games across 5 pairs of lanes.
Sunday Casher's Round: Cut to top 25 plus one lady and one senior if a lady and senior did not qualify (based on a field of 100 entries), and those bowlers come back on Sunday with pins starting fresh.  The top 2 bowlers from each squad are gauranteed to move on to Sunday's Casher's Round as part of the 25 (or 26 or 27) total moving on to Sunday..  The cut to Sunday will be an overall cut after combining scores from each qualifying squad.  Cashers bowl 5 games Sunday morning at 10am and then cut to the top 12 (based on 100 total entries.  With fewer than 96, the cut will be to the top 8; with 96-160 bowlers the cut will be to the top 12 with 4 BYES in round 1 of Match Play, and with more than 160 the cut will be top 24 with top 8 getting BYES).  Remaining bowlers will compete in a seeded, single-elimination bracket, 2-game total pinfall in each round.  Bracket will be reseeded in the top 8 or top 16 only if lower seeds win matches in the round of 12 or 24.
Prize Ratio:  1 in 4 entries will cash in this event


Desterpado -- 2 games total pinfall, and the desperado will have it's own 1 in 10 cut with the minimum of 2 bowlers advancing to Sunday's cashers round.  $50 entry fee and is only open to anybody who has previously bowled in one of this year's squads.

With the top 2 from each squad automatically qualifying to Sunday, we will start at the highest non-auto-qualifiers (is two dashes legal like that?) and work down the list, however, first time entries get first dibs.  Then we will allow those who already qualified to bowl again if they wish to do so for side action.

With a minimum of 3 senior bowlers (50 and up), one senior will be guaranteed to the Sunday Cashers round
With a minimum of 3 lady bowlers, one lady will be guaranteed to the Sunday Cashers round

Brian Regan
cell (810) 240-6175
email brian@scratchbowling.com
1Justin Knowles2322032562352241150
2Andre Gonzales2492012112101901061
3Dawson Maier2261882042211971036
4Greg Gildner1792342312121741030
5Zac Tackett234180204188181987
6Drew Chernauckas217184228186171986
7Shawn Clifford193195195193183959
8Wayne Pinnell169201223171172936
9Michael Jacobs204168154178222926
10Tom Smallwood166165210199176916
11Eric Tackett175179202158180894
12Marcus McClain186171149200164870
13Madalyn Klein179221156159148863
14Robert Mularz165188205138162858
15Carey Bock190170143175166844
16Paul Young178141166192134811
17Greg McCreadie159165150182123779
1Dan MacLelland2351991952432271099
2Derrick Norman2581742411942031070
3Corey Miller2252331902251611034
4Will Kelley2451751501962341000
5Chris Steward214203161210211999
6Lon Peless192223221156195987
7Mike Eaton, Jr.226161162146207902
8Robert Eddy II163181175188165872
9Drew Klingler190164188115161818
10Cole Oridway136155150195182818
1Dawson Maier2032663002431971209
2Tom Smallwood2322522232162581181
3Nick Cooper1782302892362071140
4Dan MacLelland2152242362082561139
5Cory Hines2182182392432201138
6Zac Tackett2671692272202161099
7Aaron Lorincz2571902222251741068
8Alex Ouellette1482272322142231044
9Mike Eaton, Jr.1921672572062111033
10Marcus McClain1811851782252581027
11Bo Goergen1821822122052461027
12Rick Goergen2011812231592361000
13Eric Tackett189184219203198993
14Dale Strike182169254199164968
15Drew Chernauckas199199191188165942
16Jason Harmsen187184171201195938
17C.J. Carmien165207176180204932
18Shawn Bibee156195182211170914
19Dan Wood213149182206158908
20Cory Hersha171198180167183899
21Carey Bock158183215177154887
1Jason Harmsen2271832662172001093
2Derrick Norman1862192311942531083
3Marcus McClain1771931862442361036
4Dale Strike1722312471731921015
5Alex Ouellette1921781942322111007
6Rick Goergen1981601882132461005
7Wayne Pinnell2381692032031901003
8Carey Bock195191185232195998
9Mike Eaton, Jr.140184176258239997
10Terry Syring236167194213180990
11Sam Brandt163168257221180989
12Jason Cook202197175157247978
13Bo Goergen173193145224236971
14Cory Hersha176179201178223957
15C.J. Carmien176182197175200930
16Shawn Bibee192224149176180921
17Shane Peak193191175154207920
18Shawn Clifford188191195204135913
19Jeff Jacobs147152187198227911
20Jeffrey Good203178183135187886
21Greg McCreadie152194152182193873
22Drew Chernauckas146162190183189870
1Cory Hersha244235479
2Sam Brandt247225472
3Jeff Jacobs172206378
4Terry Syring2040204
5Shawn Bibee1830183
6Greg McCreadie1780178
7Shawn Clifford1750175
8Carey Bock1700170
9Shane Peak1690169
1Dan MacLelland2222482482162451179
2Nick Cooper2332362252462021142
3Cory Hines2551512262282671127
4Zac Tackett2462002302242161116
5Mike Eaton, Jr.2482412012012111102
6Alex Ouellette2642031762132181074
7Marcus McClain2062471891872321061
8Tom Smallwood1651812291952891059
9Aaron Lorincz2361891892262121052
10Dale Strike2141962251932201048
11Bo Goergen233200207159198997
12Justin Knowles185185248194184996
13Cory Hersha127239212187215980
14Sam Brandt173217214192180976
15Rick Goergen169213209182193966
16Jason Harmsen173181247195167963
17Dawson Maier157214169159253952
18Derrick Norman194183196182171926
19Greg Gildner187160187179201914
20Wayne Pinnell207203144177182913
21Andre Gonzales158163255142153871
22Corey Miller170228151145177871

Match 1

NameQual. ScoreBonusTotal Score
Dan MacLelland236258494
Tom Smallwood203201404

Match 2

NameQual. ScoreBonusTotal Score
Mike Eaton, Jr.213220433
Zac Tackett195169364

Match 3

NameQual. ScoreBonusTotal Score
Marcus McClain197247444
Nick Cooper205236441

Match 4

NameQual. ScoreBonusTotal Score
Alex Ouellette199257456
Cory Hines201225426

Match 1

NameQual. ScoreBonusTotal Score
Dan MacLelland233217450
Mike Eaton, Jr.212213425

Match 2

NameQual. ScoreBonusTotal Score
Marcus McClain191248439
Alex Ouellette177211388

Match 1

NameQual. ScoreBonusTotal Score
Dan MacLelland254182436
Marcus McClain179166345

The actual payout of this event will be posted here once the event has begun, and we know the number of entries.

Payout Scenario
100 entries (60 full entries + 40 re-entries)
1st -- $2000
2nd -- $1000
3rd/4th -- $600
5th to 8th -- $420
9th to 12th -- $300
13th -- $220
14-15 -- $200
16-17 -- $190
18-19 -- $180
20-21 -- $170
22-23 -- $160
24-27 -- $150

Entry Breakdown $75/$55 prizes, $5 expenses, $20 lineage
$75 x 60 entries = $4500 + $55 x $40 entries = $6700
Total Payout = $9700

The optional side action results will be posted here at the conclusion of the tournament

Regular Jackpot--$30 entry
This jackpot pays out high game for each game and highest series.  With high participation, 2 spots will be paid per game and 2 spots for totals.
Extra Totals Jackpots--$40 entry
3 additional Totals Jackpots will be available at $40 per jackpot.  Each Totals Jackpot will work as follows:
  • At least 1 in 4 will cash in each Jackpot
  • Payout is based on qualifying totals only
  • $35 per entry goes to prize fund, $5 to expenses
Set 1 will run for games 1-2-3
Set 2 will run for games 2-3-4
Set 3 will run for games 3-4-5
1st is $25 in each bracket
2nd is $10 in each bracket

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
*there is a limit of 200 brackets per set per person