May 31, 2020 -- Bowlero Toledo Sweeper

Champion Marcus McClain, Runner-Up Mike Jachcinski, Bryan Eaton, and Frank Testa

Oil Pattern: MSBS Sugar Free Syrup (44 feet)
Entry Fee: $45

Squad A -- 1:00pm
Squad B -- 5:00pm

Format:  Each squad will bowl 4 games across 4 pairs of lanes.  Each squad will then bowl 2 rounds of eliminator for the top 1/4 of their respective squad.  Then all remaining bowlers from the two squads will be added together for a 2-game eiminator round.  Top 4 will bowl a 3-game round robin with bonus pins.  Pins drop each round.
Example:  With 60 bowlers in A squad, the top 15 would then bowl a single game eliminator round to get to 8.  Top 8 bowl one more single game eliminator round to get to 4.  Top 4 come back later.  With 90 bowlers on B squad, top 23 would then bowl a single game eliminator round to get to 12.  Top 12 would bowl a single game eliminator round to get to 6.  Top 6 would be combined with top 4 from A squad.  Those 10 would bowl a 2-game total pinfall eliminator round to get to the top 4.  Top 4 would bowl a 3-game round robin final round with bonus pins.  
Prize Ratio:  A minimum of 1 in 4 entries will cash in this event.

Highest non-cashing lady will cash in this event with 3 or more ladies in the field
Highest non-cashing senior will cash in this event with 3 or more seniors in the field


There is a $10 membership once again for the 2020 Sprummer Sweeper Series, and it can be payable in any of the regions. $5 can be paid in the first event bowled and the other $5 can be paid at event #2 bowled.  The $10 membership only needs to be paid one time per Sprummer season and qualifies you for points in each region if you decide to bowl in other regions as well.  MEMBERSHIP FEES FOR THIS EVENT WILL BE COMPLETELY OPTIONAL.

This is event #3 for the Greater Toledo region of the 2020 Sprummer Sweeper Series.  There is no point system any longer for this year's Sprummer Sweeper Series.  Anybody who pays the full $10 membership and has ever bowled an MSBS event will be eligible for the Sprummer Championship!

2019 - Marcus McClain
2019 -- Douglas Mazurco
2018 - Chuck Reynolds, Jr.
2018 - Conner Weber
2017 - Chuck Reynolds, Jr.
2017 - Chuck Reynolds, Jr.

Brian Regan
cell (810) 240-6175
1Cory Hersha194219248256917
2Charlie Zelechowski226245201236908
3Charles Easton182215243258898
4Charlie Brown232235177247891
5CJ Harris222200188279889
6Tommy Parker248247193201889
7Chris Szczepaniak160187259276882
8Chuck Reynolds Jr211212213211847
9Frank Snodgrass182237188236843
10Earon Vollmar187240224173824
11Trey Raynes258191179190818
12Leon Lusane153239201220813
13Dave Alexander208247201154810
14Brandon Novak246173199190808
15Veronica Williams193205236161795
16Justin Cummins137234188235794
17Jordan Hornes145201214231791
18Robert Rowe169253200167789
19Bryan Eaton212184201192789
20Adam Keller198226172190786
21Justin Nelson210190178200778
22Steve Burton214154189221778
23Eric Hoskins166236193181776
24Madalyn Klein202201186175764
25Andrew Peterson172214198173757
26David Northouse196174191196757
27Jacob Koles204201160192757
28Jayden Chambers204140192210746
29Eddie Williams193177196179745
30Michael Sharp146179206212743
31Jonathon Dean205213137187742
32Jason Rasinske170187203181741
33Nate Naveu210177163189739
34Troy Berning223148196171738
35Lonnie Jones224190157159730
36Rob Haskamp175156197200728
37Michael Froman164174147243728
38Charles McLeod194150223156723
39Dominic Boysaw177217198130722
40Chad Rieger216203161140720
41Floyd Drinkhorn203227144145719
42Jeff Benz184179187165715
43Joe Cook117161244185707
44Erik Dashner171160196176703
45Keith Kramer147173180201701
46Cheyenne Long170146189194699
47Jake Monicatti188164186161699
48Rob Paster176168151203698
49John Hammye149186185175695
50Matt Ward183181177151692
51Joe Sordyl167158191174690
52Jayson Holley188178145178689
53Tim Szegda165148181193687
54Taiya Williams146182176176680
55Cassandra Daleski151183190153677
56Micah Carter162163180171676
57Brian Orth125224153163665
58Robert Flaczynski133158191170652
59Steve Nycek12717324698644
60Michael Metzgar126200157159642
61Kendall Layson121192189140642
62Earnest Wilson151153178158640
63Daryn Starks132122225159638
64Darrel Rubertiello130187155148620
65Devon Osborn161131148171611
66Amanda Barry179126135169609
67Dallas Proctor128146176146596
68Camryn Simmons174141139126580
69Darian Dew138151125156570
70Kyle Gustafson144121144150559
71Scott Hasen, Jr.147129134131541
72Kirk Crable106137138146527
73Joshua Rushlow15612999137521
1Marcus McClain269216193223901
2Adam Batliner221241222202886
3Shane Kinnell245183243211882
4Frank Testa227202195258882
5Michael Jachcinski224257194203878
6Justin Knowles171236204265876
7Alex Palmer165277223199864
8Chandler Stevens247216168228859
9Gary Schluchter202191245210848
10Drake Bazzy174168258242842
11Dominic Boysaw175196269202842
12William Hill192202234207835
13Mike Eaton, Jr.216192207213828
14Justin Nelson208192237190827
15Zakarey Geer230205226164825
16Matt Roberts200198200225823
17Tyler Meredith254203163193813
18Zac Tackett170243211181805
19Jason Rockwell197202214190803
20Michael Williams II (Alabama)171173237221802
21Alex Robinson203202224172801
22Joe Brockett186187191236800
23Jeff Sisson169226205196796
24Chad Close169188192244793
25Travis Wilson214223130217784
26Josh West169176201236782
27Jeremy Bartz145195216226782
28Les Gentry224202145204775
29Travis Kominek217186156216775
30Taylor Ellison202167203198770
31Brian Orth222183193162760
32Kayla Blanchard222182154197755
33Nick Posey178193193191755
34Jonathon Dean195213173171752
35Zach Newman200194186171751
36Jacob Koles194156171227748
37Ty Zieroff196189178185748
38Michael Froman192181166205744
39Steve Burton191210161180742
40Larry Brasic153193193196735
41Kagen Schroyer153191185198727
42Josh Verburg203163195165726
43Charles McLeod160183181192716
44Alec Keplinger135179173228715
45Chad Stephen173179172191715
46David Northouse170193167184714
47Gregory Hall172154219164709
48Jayden Chambers117197203192709
49Aaron Amin157167210173707
50Daniel Fox203203143156705
51Ryan Land203148160191702
52Justin Austin169155201177702
53Dustin Labo198158144201701
54Graylen Wright173168178178697
55Jeff Austreng201165191138695
56Antonio Louis182171171171695
57Andy Kiser227120176166689
58Troy Berning203166155164688
59Shelton Sherman149204155180688
60Charles Young, Jr.181124191189685
61Jason Moore148161198178685
62Gabe Cassise142202163176683
63Lexi Smigiel153197143183676
64Tyrone Douglas151179163180673
65Taran Heersma149114176233672
66Art Gaines142179153197671
67Shawn Chambers160179133197669
68Kylee Trexler141157171200669
69Karrie Brunner150175153190668
70Chris Carter126158192191667
71Madalyn Klein156189158160663
72Ralph McAfee167168163165663
73Jay Merritt176170159157662
74Jeff Roche18718318998657
75Mark Hurttgam167146170173656
76Robert Wonsey169215120150654
77Jason Papa135137189192653
78Mikio Osugi189146146163644
79Chenelle Waymer177151148164640
80Kyle McGrath190188160100638
81Cleveland Jett162153185137637
82Josh Lattie108175174177634
83Morgan Brunner174148151157630
84Isaiah Winters213119119171622
85Kyle Lewis191136149145621
86Walter Jackson, Jr.131163147173614
87Will Michaels152158166138614
88Brad Damron159165155134613
89Kenneth Turvill, Jr.143163144159609
90Scott Brunner164124144175607
91Matthew Roberts150159146146601
92Cody Mancini164135142115556
93LeAndre Thomas1571651860508
94Earle Whittington1741241740472
95Joe Clay1511491410441
96Andre Goldsmith173000173

Match 1

Pos.NameGame 1Total Score
1Jordan Hornes245245
2Dave Alexander243243
3Frank Snodgrass234234
4Earon Vollmar227227
5Robert Rowe215215
6Bryan Eaton205205
7CJ Harris205205
8Charlie Zelechowski200200
9Chris Szczepaniak199199
10Chuck Reynolds Jr194194
11Trey Raynes193193
12Charlie Brown191191
13Justin Nelson190190
14Tommy Parker181181
15Veronica Williams177177
16Cory Hersha177177
17Brandon Novak177177
18Leon Lusane148148
19Charles Easton144144

Match 2

Pos.NameGame 1Total Score
1Earon Vollmar228228
2Chuck Reynolds Jr222222
3Robert Rowe222222
4Jordan Hornes218218
5Bryan Eaton215215
6Frank Snodgrass212212
7Charlie Zelechowski203203
8Dave Alexander183183
9CJ Harris167167
10Chris Szczepaniak157157

Match 1

Pos.NameGame 1Game 2Total Score
1Bryan Eaton185265450
2Frank Testa209235444
3Michael Jachcinski216203419
4Marcus McClain193222415
5Jordan Hornes169209378
6William Hill201168369
7Matt Roberts166172338
8Earon Vollmar179147326
9Robert Rowe147163310
10Chuck Reynolds Jr179124303
11Chad Close1150115

Match 1

Pos.NameQual. ScoreBonusGame 1Game 2Game 3Total Score
1Marcus McClain060230248209747
2Michael Jachcinski060236191238725
3Bryan Eaton030203193202628
4Frank Testa030175167248620

The actual payout of this event will be posted here once the event has begun, and we know the number of entries.

Payout Scenario #1 Payout Scenario #2

120 entries
1st -- $1000
2nd --  $500
3rd -- $300
4th -- $200
5th to 8th -- $125
9th to 15th -- $75
16th to 30th -- $45
Lady -- $45
Senior -- $45

*Highest non-cashing lady will cash for $45 with 3 or more ladies in the field
**Highest non-cashing senior will cash for $45 with 3 or more seniors in the field

Entry Breakdown $31 prizes, $5 expenses, $9 lineage
$31 x 120 entries = $3720
Total Payout = $3790

180 entries (full)
1st -- $1200
2nd -- $600
3rd -- $400
4th -- $300
5th to 6th -- $180
7th to 8th -- $160
9th to 10th -- $140
11th to 12th -- $120
13th to 23rd -- $75
24th to 45th -- $45
Lady -- $45
Senior -- $45
*Highest non-cashing lady will cash for $45 with 3 or more ladies in the field
**Highest non-cashing senior will cash for $45 with 3 or more seniors in the field

Entry Breakdown $31 prizes, $5 expenses, $9 lineage
$31 x 90 entries = $5580
Total Payout = $5605

Regular Jackpot--$10 entry
Each game:  $2 per entry goes to 1st
Totals:  $2 per entry goes to 1st
Super Jackpot -- $25 entry
Each game:  $5 per entry
Totals:  $5 per entry

Set 1 will run for games 1-2-3
Set 2 will run for games 4-3-2
1st is $10 in each bracket
2nd is $4 in each bracket