February 12, 2017 - Capitol Bowl Owosso Challenge

Oil Pattern: MSBS 40 (Transfer Roller) (40 feet)
Entry Fee: $65
Squad A -- Noon
Check-In -- 10:30am - 11:50am

Qualifying: 5 games across 5 pairs of lanes.
Eliminator Rounds: Cut to top 16 (based on 72 entries).  All qualifying pins are dropped, and all pins are dropped after each round.
Elim. Round 1:  Top 16 bowl 2 games on 2 pairs of lanes, cut to top 8
Elim. Round 2:  Top 8 bowl 1 game, cut to top 4
Elim. Round 3:  Top 4 bowl 1 game, cut to top 2
Elim. Round 4:  Top 2 bowl 1 game for the title.
Prize Ratio:  A minimum of 1 in 4 entries will cash in this event with a maximum of 16 making the cut to the eliminator (17th and 18th would still cash also with a full field of 72)

FORMAT IS BASED ON A FULL FIELD OF 72 BOWLERS (if it looks like we'll fill 72 easily, then we will open it up to 96 entries, which is 4 bowlers per lane).  

Brian Regan
cell (810) 240-6175
email brian@scratchbowling.com
1Marcus McClain1832541992351891060
2Darren Alexander2062082012321831030
3Bill Kazmierski2032131952162001027
4David Owens2261831772411991026
5Jordan Born2342341701901871015
6Eric Tackett1522072022112301002
7Carleton Chambers171202238155224990
8DJ Rose220200195165203983
9Ben Hill192210190207183982
10Dustin Rose189155222196194956
11Spencer Sevrence203202180177190952
12Earon Vollmar229156190158217950
13Kurry Crayton201215168171192947
14Mike Snow200191203155197946
15Andrew Taylor156175221214169935
16Chandler Stevens162165234181191933
17Robert Rose170165202222174933
18Anthony Moses201186170193180930
19Bryan Hodge172208179176194929
20Allison Goodman237176179167167926
21Frank Snodgrass180151184174236925
22Collin Rickey165201179200177922
23Dan Hochstein201173171203172920
24Fred Sheahan198202185187147919
25Eric Harmsen187143175211203919
26Rich Eldridge207170172199167915
27Randy Hawks184170194169198915
28Scott Patke168202192170182914
29Aaron Meeker144211206181164906
30Robert Siegers136169214209176904
31Jason McKelvey179157204168195903
32Jordan Bryant178166188182188902
33Josh Collopy190165166191185897
34Chris Palermo144194176205177896
35Kevin Doane188171148188200895
36Keith Cross221161174146189891
37Willie Rushing, Jr.174204157178167880
38Scott Matthies158163171163225880
39Pat Brown198160165173181877
40John Weiss137174146216204877
41Alan Raphael169185183153180870
42Anthony Barbour210167168138186869
43Shawn Clifford165194178197135869
44George Miller184149169169195866
45Jon DeMott201178165174147865
46Doug Stump177194171180138860
47Travis Grigsby153236155134169847
48Ricco Mireles176157199170144846
49Henry Fee142176167182177844
50Danen Zimmerman171153149194175842
51Andy Schriber175181160155169840
52Doug Moore138222158152169839
53Jesse Koch171179157174152833
54Marc Renaud164128202172167833
55Rosendo Mireles175155171171159831
56Trevor MIllard201149180141158829
57Kevin Dyer135164112212205828
58Trevor Neuenschwander201153177129165825
59Josh Sheltrown121166164141230822
60Brian Regan190149165147169820
61Shane Courtney120161153200180814
62Carl Pollard169154166147174810
63Drew Klingler170154166164152806
64Shane Peak138157126167211799
65Brandon Hill, Jr.175130158176154793
66Thomas A. Youngblood179163161124165792
67Kevin Mallory133172170153164792
68Robert Mireles151138178128196791
69Todd Nottage147124146189178784
70Richard Grantham133114223149163782
71Tim Floate156137196155135779
72Marcos Trevino146135177178139775
73Gerald Smith127204162107169769
74Kris Belcher148159165134155761
75Ryan Hensley136193124167132752
76Herb Green132183149145136745
77Richard Allen 135134158171144742
78Stanley Hughes160113176125167741
79Billyjack Asbury170109142187123731
80Kent Muntz127139160146158730
81Connor Fox199169142107111728
82Benjamin Foster134139127161157718
83Ted Thayer163125137142128695
84Olivia Shepard126114141127164672
85Sanjay Shah132126128111174671
86Bryan Finks12693151127145642
87Jeremy Langworthy130100137136139642
88Dan Hildabridle133112152105137639
89Nathanael Osborn166116108128111629
90Sam LaMantia106123107114141591
91Ruben Guevara719792102151513

Match 1

Pos.NameGame 1Total Score
1Kurry Crayton254254
2Darren Alexander238238
3Earon Vollmar204204
4David Owens200200
5Dan Hochstein199199
6Chandler Stevens199199
7Carleton Chambers192192
8Dustin Rose183183
9Eric Tackett175175
10Spencer Sevrence168168
11Collin Rickey168168
12DJ Rose160160

Match 1

Pos.NameGame 1Game 2Total Score
1Dustin Rose260214474
2Eric Tackett224236460
3Earon Vollmar211226437
4Darren Alexander192243435
5DJ Rose239181420
6Carleton Chambers195222417
7David Owens165245410
8Chandler Stevens160247407
9Collin Rickey177212389
10Dan Hochstein185199384
11Kurry Crayton202181383
12Spencer Sevrence176204380
13Anthony Moses175202377
14Mike Snow191178369
15Frank Snodgrass202166368
16Bill Kazmierski171184355
17Ben Hill141185326
18Bryan Hodge181144325
19Marcus McClain156159315
20Allison Goodman180132312
21Robert Rose149162311
22Jordan Born152151303
23Andrew Taylor168125293

Match 1

Pos.NameGame 1Total Score
1Earon Vollmar213213
2Darren Alexander209209
3Kurry Crayton202202
4Dan Hochstein193193
5Chandler Stevens189189
6David Owens158158

Match 1

Pos.NameGame 1Total Score
1Earon Vollmar246246
2Darren Alexander212212
3Kurry Crayton203203

Match 1

NameGame 1Total Score
Earon Vollmar203203
Darren Alexander188188

The actual payout of this event will be posted here once the event has begun, and we know the number of entries.

Payout Scenario #1 Payout Scenario #2

48 entries
1st -- $800
2nd --  $400
3rd/4th -- $220
5th to 8th -- $120
9th to 12th -- $65

Entry Breakdown $45 prizes, $8 expenses, $12 lineage
$45 x 48 entries = $2160
Total Payout = $2380

72 entries
1st -- $1000
2nd -- $500
3rd/4th -- $250
5th to 8th -- $150
9th to 16th -- $90
17th to 18th -- $65

Entry Breakdown $45 prizes, $8 expenses, $12 lineage
$45 x 72 entries = $3240
Total Payout = $3450

The optional side action results will be posted here at the conclusion of the tournament

Regular Jackpot--$15 entry
This jackpot pays out high game for each game and highest series.  With high participation, 2 spots will be paid per game and 2 spots for totals.
Extra Totals Jackpots--$40 entry
3 additional Totals Jackpots will be available at $40 per jackpot.  Each Totals Jackpot will work as follows:
  • At least 1 in 4 will cash in each Jackpot
  • Payout is based on qualifying totals only
  • $35 per entry goes to prize fund, $5 to expenses
Set 1 will run for games 1-2-3
Set 2 will run for games 3-4-5
1st is $25 in each bracket
2nd is $10 in each bracket

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
*there is no limit on the number of brackets that may be entered