September 1, 2020 - Bowlero Toledo Sweeper

Oil Pattern: Kegel Winding Road V2 (39 feet)
Entry Fee: $45

Squad A -- 7:00pm
Check-In -- 5:30pm - 6:55pm

Qualifying: 4-games across 4 pairs of lanes.
Hybrid Casher's Rounds: Cut to top 15 (based on 60 entries), and the top seed gets a BYE in round 1.  Remaining 14 bowlers bowl in an elimination round and cut to top 7.  Add in the top seed for a top 8 match play bracket.  Seeded, head to head match play continues until there is a champion.  Different Entry numbers will result in different variations in the Hybrid format.  
Prize Ratio:  A minimum of 1 in 4 entries will cash in this event.


There is a $10 membership once again for the 2020 Sprummer Sweeper Series, and it can be payable in any of the regions. $5 can be paid in the first event bowled and the other $5 can be paid at event #2 bowled.  The $10 membership only needs to be paid one time per Sprummer season and qualifies you for points in each region if you decide to bowl in other regions as well.  MEMBERSHIP IS OPTIONAL THIS YEAR, but you must pay it to qualify for the championship on Sep. 12.

Brian Regan
cell (810) 240-6175
1Charles McLeod215227268278988
2Brian Waliczek237254223257971
3Michael Jachcinski246244195258943
4Frank Snodgrass224258193244919
5Perry Crowell220265206216907
6Chad Close242225198233898
7Zachery Kilbourne187247236211881
8Pat Young, Jr.216222225214877
9Taran Heersma202258237177874
10Charles Easton191216225237869
11Ryan Land236192223207858
12Andre Gonzales195216235211857
13Chris Carter191244219200854
14Leon Lusane202235185225847
15Jakob Bowden206211203225845
16Chad Stephen193182217247839
17Madalyn Klein181209210236836
18Steve Burton225237168199829
19Nick Posey143247215222827
20Justin Knowles192183239203817
21Kyle McGrath208200196213817
22Gregory Hall224205199185813
23Jacob Balser243248176145812
24Haley Richard201215168226810
25Nathan Heaston195185227201808
26Chuck Reynolds Jr178222181227808
27Brad Delmarle234143243187807
28Antonio Louis257182175185799
29Darnell Foster174175222222793
30Ronnie Sparks, Jr.190224189189792
31Jordan Hornes173258179179789
32Branden Snider224194213153784
33Ronald Bradley168189200226783
34Paige Podlaszuk165227169213774
35Jordan Richard171213194193771
36Nick Mousoulias158202255155770
37Bryan Benedict168235217138758
38Liz Payeur180203223150756
39Lonnie Jones176162212206756
40Conner Weber169146254184753
41Jarrod Wilbur196191201154742
42Anthony Beck, Jr.193159215172739
43Taiya Williams188203168180739
44Cole Oridway179172181205737
45Travis Kominek146211140238735
46Jonathan Parker190151194199734
47Jonathon Dean256140189145730
48Carter Joseph140224220141725
49LeAndre Thomas179171182191723
50Jason Moore189178159193719
51Eric Lambert203179153183718
52Sam Scheuher175190170178713
53Mitchell Rusinek193185182152712
54Cody Johnston183146183200712
55Kylie Middleton126224170189709
56Ralph McAfee178157189184708
57Shane Kinnell203176188137704
58Walter Jackson171189175167702
59Brandon Fender172180181169702
60Alex Lewis178145166212701
61Darrin Greene162186177175700
62Matthew Burns198147164188697
63Tim Szegda166154182191693
64Brian Orth132181202174689
65Melanie Straub197144198148687
66Robert Burcar146175167195683
67Josh Black171164176171682
68Travis Marcus167201148159675
69Marcus Douglas144193182154673
70Deandre Blackman157171160185673
71Jacob Keehn142202182144670
72John Hearn143236134155668
73Nicholas Hendrickson173164153178668
74Josh Lattie180122191168661
75Gary Quillico173135192159659
76Shane Rusinek129156175199659
77Scott Gath133182174165654
78Jim Alber203128147173651
79Emily Moharter226144152124646
80Patrick Good, Jr.156195148141640
81Erin Lange155159184138636
82Matt Sochacki172186126146630
83Marc Protske123137214154628
84Lexi Smigiel156168155143622
85Denise Huston130147181158616
86Kayla Blanchard140135170171616
87Matthew Kinnaird180168153114615
88Art Gaines153164146150613
89Mollie Gizicki112172148176608
90Jonathan Whitsett169130119182600
91Nitisha Blackman150126142145563

Match 1

Top 11 advance plus the top seed who had a BYE
Pos.NameGame 1Total Score
1Brian Waliczek248248
2Charles Easton245245
3Frank Snodgrass244244
4Jacob Balser236236
5Pat Young, Jr.225225
6Perry Crowell224224
7Kyle McGrath219219
8Gregory Hall212212
9Nick Posey210210
10Madalyn Klein208208
11Michael Jachcinski204204
12Andre Gonzales202202
13Taran Heersma201201
14Chad Close201201
15Leon Lusane200200
16Ryan Land188188
17Zach Kilbourne187187
18Chris Carter180180
19Chad Stephen169169
20Justin Knowles160160
21Steve Burton150150
22Jakob Bowden145145

Match 1

NameGame 1Total Score
Jacob Balser235235
Charles McLeod142142

Match 2

NameGame 1Total Score
Charles Easton277277
Pat Young, Jr.224224

Match 3

NameGame 1Total Score
Brian Waliczek195195
Gregory Hall166166

Match 4

NameGame 1Total Score
Perry Crowell175175
Madalyn Klein135135

Match 5

NameGame 1Total Score
Michael Jachcinski269269
Kyle McGrath239239

Match 6

NameGame 1Total Score
Frank Snodgrass211211
Nick Posey203203

Match 1

NameGame 1Total Score
Charles Easton203203
Jacob Balser200200

Match 2

NameGame 1Total Score
Brian Waliczek269269
Perry Crowell218218

Match 3

NameGame 1Total Score
Michael Jachcinski245245
Frank Snodgrass244244

Match 1

Pos.NameGame 1Total Score
1Charles Easton226226
2Michael Jachcinski225225
3Brian Waliczek193193

The actual payout of this event will be posted here once the event has begun, and we know the number of entries.

Payout Scenario #1

60 entries
1st -- $600
2nd -- $300
3rd/4th -- $160
5th to 8th -- $80
9th to 15th -- $45
*Highest non-cashing lady or senior will cash for $45 with 50 or more entries

Entry Breakdown $31 prizes, $5 expenses, $9 lineage
$31 x 60 entries = $1860
Total Payout = $1900

Regular Jackpot--$10 entry
Each game:  $2 per entry goes to 1st
Totals:  $2 per entry goes to 1st
Super Jackpot -- $25 entry
Each game:  $5 per entry
Totals:  $5 per entry

Set 1 will run for games 1-2-3
Set 2 will run for games 4-3-2
1st is $10 in each bracket
2nd is $4 in each bracket