November 21-22, 2015 -- Westland Bowl Doubles

Champions Frank Snodgrass & Aaron Lorincz

Champions Frank Snodgrass & Aaron Lorincz

Match Play Bracket

Match Play Bracket

Final Match

Final Match

Oil Pattern: MSBS Anvil (2015) (38 feet)
Entry Fee: $100/team
By paying with PayPal, you will be paying $104 with the extra $4 covering the PayPal fees.

***The main goal behind this event is to get A LOT of entries, so that we can pay out a lot based on a smaller entry fee.  This is why the qualifying ratio is so low, even though the cash ratio is our normal 1:4 entries.  With this said, if it appears as though we will be getting 100, 120, or even more entries; we will then adjust the format to take a larger ratio of teams to the match play rounds.  As it is now, we are depending on re-entries to help get the entries we are looking for.  This is why it will be important for people to pre-register for this event, to give us a good idea on the number of team entries we will have, so that we can run the format that makes the most sense.  Thank you in advance for your help with this.

Squad A -- Saturday 10am
Squad B -- Saturday 1pm
Squad C -- Sunday 10am
Squad D -- Sunday 1pm
Check-In -- starts 1:30 prior to each squad
NO RE-OIL BETWEEN SQUADS, however, we will re-oil or bowl on fresh for match play on Sunday

Qualifying: 4-games across 4 pairs of lanes.

Match Play: Cut to top 16 (based on 180 entries), then bowlers are seeded into a bracket.  Best 2 out of 3 baker game matches will determine the winners of each round until there is a champion.

Prize Ratio:  A minimum of 1 in 4 entries will cash in this event, and a minimum of 1 in 12 entries will qualify to match play.  Each squad will have it's own cut and cash spots.  The 1 in 4 cash spots will be paid bottom cash, and the 1 in 8 cash spots will be paid the next tier up.  Under the payouts tab, $100 is the bottom cash and $180 is the next tier up.  BOWLERS MAY ONLY CASH ONE TIME PER PARTNER, BUT BOWLERS MAY CASH WITH MULTIPLE PARTNERS.  ALSO BOWLERS CAN ONLY QUALIFY FOR MATCH PLAY ONE TIME.

Brian Regan
cell (810) 240-6175

1Brantley Crayton4093894073961601
1Mason Brantley226203219187835
1Kurry Crayton183186188209766
2Pettinato Regan4003933964051594
2Joe Pettinato206208203185802
2Brian Regan194185193220792
3Pilon Sparks3554003984271580
3Ronnie Sparks, Jr.198197212228835
3Kurt Pilon157203186199745
4Chamberlain Johnson3713614043371473
4Craig Johnson195176176181728
4Howard Chamberlain176185228156745
5Melching Patke3463833773621468
5Scott Patke187202220179788
5Ryan Melching159181157183680
6Denig Portalatin3823713273741454
6Scott Denig198197134170699
6Robby Portalatin184174193204755
7Boldt Tovar3503033814101444
7Carl Boldt186158190166700
7John Tovar164145191244744
8Bishop Brousseau3723243054071408
8Katie Bishop191144144180659
8Thomas Brusseau181180161227749
9Colosimo Colosimo3123213453071285
9Zack Colosimo143165200188696
9Tom Colosimo169156145119589
10Evans Roney2643082643641200
10Lee Evans146158169184657
10Dallas Roney11815095180543
11Criscenti Criscenti2562853283101179
11David Criscenti135127164177603
11Josh Criscenti121158164133576
12Morgan Quantance3032653252841177
12Joe Morgan164144153141602
12Tim Quantance139121172143575
13Beagle Gambrel2932932982671151
13Kevin Beagle136147126136545
13Jeremy Gambrel157146172131606
1Pilon Sparks 23454093984081560
1Kurt Pilon183209218201811
1Ronnie Sparks, Jr.162200180207749
2Chamberlain Johnson 23684333953231519
2Howard Chamberlain179201185149714
2Craig Johnson189232210174805
3Boldt Tovar 24183933333651509
3Carl Boldt224208172150754
3John Tovar194185161215755
4Brooks Ward3033853563401384
4Mark Brooks139176191176682
4Lee Ward164209165164702
5Bradley Martin Kevin Williams3343753073571373
5Brad Martin171166167171675
5Kevin Williams163209140186698
6ZColosimo Shinosky3263633393241352
6Zack Colosimo161168164160653
6Ray Shinosky165195175164699
7TColosimo Pettinato2913783093631341
7Tom Colosimo114190159179642
7Joe Pettinato177188150184699
8Knowles Stanley3693163193301334
8Justin Knowles198146133175652
8Marty Stanley171170186155682
1Bayt Anderson4044084004171629
1Zeke Bayt242215194233884
1Andrew Anderson162193206184745
2Black Easton4144003913891594
2Sean Black211179201186777
2Charles Easton203221190203817
1Anderson Pilon4503874254621724
1Andrew Anderson237187244238906
1Kurt Pilon213200181224818
2Lorincz Snodgrass3114384674231639
2Aaron Lorincz191205245223864
2Frank Snodgrass120233222200775
3Bayt Sparks4283704243971619
3Zeke Bayt203148200208759
3Ronnie Sparks, Jr.225222224189860
4Crowell Lokker3963753623901523
4Perry Crowell185178204247814
4Sarah Lokker211197158143709
5Hill Ritter3214323174111481
5Craig Ritter133235143227738
5Ben Hill188197174184743
6Bishop Hidalgo3993973343471477
6Tim Bishop216165190198769
6Nick Hidalgo183232144149708
7Leser Sutherland3913763393531459
7Robby Leser211154171170706
7Nic Sutherland180222168183753
8Black Easton 23343033553951387
8Charles Easton208168164148688
8Sean Black126135191247699
9Daman Wanland2973143133261250
9Richard Daman149149169148615
9Justin Wanland148165144178635
10Juntenen Sabkowiak2712372672881063
10Robert Juntenen165131131148575
10Robert Sobkowiak106106136140488

The actual payout of this event will be posted here once the event has begun, and we know the number of entries.

Payout Scenario #1 Payout Scenario #2

96 entries
1st -- $2000
2nd -- $1000
3rd to 4th -- $600
5th to 8th -- $320
9th to 16th -- $180
17th to 24th -- $100

Entry Breakdown $80 prizes, $4 expenses,
$16 lineage
$80 x 96 entries = $7680
Total Payout = $7720

180 entries (45 full in each squad)
1st -- $3000
2nd -- $1500
3rd to 4th -- $750
5th to 8th -- $400
9th to 16th -- $300
17th to 32nd-- $180
33rd to 48th -- $100

Entry Breakdown $80 prizes, $4 expenses, 
$80 x 180 entries = $14,400
Total Payout = $14.480