July 31, 2013 - Stardust Sweeper

Champion Toby Sidle & Runner-Up Brian McMahon

Champion Toby Sidle & Runner-Up Brian McMahon

Oil Pattern: MSBS 41 (41 feet)
Entry Fee: $40


$40 entry fee (5 lineage, 0 expense, 35 prize fund)
Format: 4-game qualifier, cut to top 14 for match play (based on 42 entries). 
Match Play: Seeded bracket, single game elimination
Prize Ratio: 1 in 3 entries will cash!

<><><>LIMITED TO 42 ENTRIES<><><>
All competition is scratch!

PAYOUT (with full field of 42 entries)
1st) $450
2nd) $230
3rd-4th) $125
5th-8th) $75
9th-14th) $40

$10 Jackpot (includes each game and totals)
$5 brackets for games 1-2-3 and 2-3-4

Contact Brian Regan (810) 240-6175, brian@scratchbowling.com

1Tom Smallwood238220225196879
2Toby Sidle229225181233868
3Nick Cooper211165219244839
4Brian McMahon180214193243830
5JR Raymond239195179206819
6Brian Waliczek213186216190805
7Sam Logan160220221201802
8Steve Novak226202158213799
9Scott Patke219177187208791
10Aaron Lorincz208192202171773
11Jeremy Dixson207179187190763
12Jeff Smith194199181171745
13Julie Oczepek169185168221743
14Alex Regan184192228133737
15Bill Gates198205136195734
16Justin Crosby134185211203733
17Matt Anderson197166192167722
18Robert Eddy II193164174188719
19Mike Alvarez199189170158716
20Drew Chernauckas227160159162708
21Josh Brown127203183183696
22Robert Krawiec181142173192688
23Brian Regan183165130179657
24Wayne Gainor147159162188656
25Travis Lowe178146192137653
26Jeremy Taylor113168187184652
27Jamison Sullivan165154151181651
28Rob Goodrow160140150190640
29Henry Fee156165135176632
30Tyler Scott159160175123617
31Nate Hebl142133175159609
32Alberto Allen166138147154605
33Joshua Galus127109195164595
34Todd Nottage155140110149554
35Jacob Baker91172137137537
36Eric Green148113120104485

Match 1

NameGame 1Total Score
Tom Smallwood233233
Steve Novak162162

Match 2

NameGame 1Total Score
Brian McMahon211211
JR Raymond183183

Match 3

NameGame 1Total Score
Toby Sidle198198
Sam Logan171171

Match 4

NameGame 1Total Score
Brian Waliczek170170
Nick Cooper158158

Match 1

NameGame 1Total Score
Brian McMahon235235
Tom Smallwood225225

Match 2

NameGame 1Total Score
Toby Sidle257257
Brian Waliczek134134

Match 1

NameGame 1Total Score
Toby Sidle182182
Brian McMahon169169