February 1, 2015 - Super Bowl Canton Sweepers

Oil Pattern: ETBF European Mens Championship (2012) (38 feet); Teen Masters Finals - Long (2008) (42 feet)
Entry Fee: $30
  • There will be a total of 4 sweepers, 3-game total pinfall per sweeper
  • There will also be an optional $30 marathon entry which must be paid prior to the first sweeper.  Absolutely no refunds for the marathon entry!
  • One pattern will be used for the first 2 sweepers, and then a different pattern will be used for the last 2 sweepers.
  • Fresh oil will only be provided for sweepers #1 and #3
  • Bowlers will be allowed and encouraged to pre-register for other sweepers while bowling in a preceding sweeper to keep things moving along.

SWEEPER TIMES (approximations, as it will depend on how quickly each sweeper is completed and registratoin is completed for the upcoming sweeper)
10:00am, 11:45am...re-oil...2:00pm, 3:45pm
Check-In -- starts at 9:00am for all sweepers and continues throughout the day

Qualifying: 3-games across 3 pairs of lanes.
Prize Ratio:  A minimum of 1 in 6 entries will cash in each sweeper and also in the marathon entry

Sweepers 1 & 2 -- 2012 ETBF European Men's Championship 38'
Sweepers 3 & 4 -- 2008 Teen Masters Long 42'

Brian Regan
cell (810) 240-6175
email brian@scratchbowling.com
1James Bowles228258188674
2Scott Stephens230205213648
3Mike Svilar187192262641
4Josh Chaney235197206638
5Michael Chism190205222617
6Nick Kokenos204194201599
7Don Potts190191210591
8Brian Odom175215196586
9Ray Shinosky197194195586
10Jeff Potts136218227581
11Tim Mayer203161204568
12Vince Como183201179563
13Scott Denig205178157540
14Matt Lesmeister193183161537
15Mike Stephens159184190533
16Brian Burke198124198520
17Stanley Hughes199157160516
18Dan Hochstein147196170513
19Chris Szczepaniak179149183511
20Kevin Williams124186186496
21Anthony Moses176143148467
22Eric Lesmeister163149139451
23Monty Wonnacott147145149441
24DJ Miller145150143438
1Mike Svilar208210232650
2Nick Kokenos243190207640
3Tim Mayer215204220639
4Eric Pawlus245212180637
5Brian Odom200226192618
6Kevin Williams179199235613
7Gary Schluchter206189217612
8Scott Stephens226170183579
9Josh Chaney170202199571
10Eric Lesmeister190193177560
11DJ Miller150191208549
12James Bowles206141200547
13Leon Lusane194161182537
14Ray Shinosky173172189534
15Scott Denig203167162532
16Don Potts174194147515
17Mike Stephens157197155509
18Anthony Moses191145172508
19Jeff Potts198155150503
20Matt Lesmeister145177159481
21Vince Como140194143477
22Monty Wonnacott146163159468
23Dan Hochstein19716885450
24Brian Burke178125136439
1Brian Odom237249223709
2Nick Kokenos226244191661
3Gary Schluchter199238213650
4Mike Svilar193223222638
5Lum Phelps197204203604
6Josh Chaney228202172602
7Mike Stephens200210182592
8Dan Hochstein183192214589
9Scott Denig189190198577
10Mikey Richards152201217570
11Mike Keith172203186561
12Kurry Crayton162227163552
13Grant Gillard213175158546
14Nick Cooper158191190539
15Anthony Moses178196160534
16Scott Stephens179177177533
17DJ Miller139207179525
18Vince Como193154172519
19Kevin Williams159213130502
20Adrian Bradley131183184498
21Monty Wonnacott187111186484
22Jeremy Brady155129169453
23Eric Pawlus1741450319
1Nick Kokenos243246227716
2Mike Svilar194198289681
3Grant Gillard208197215620
4Anthony Moses216201201618
5Mike Keith200225192617
6Nick Cooper213171227611
7Mike Stephens170221218609
8Adrian Bradley191208200599
9Anthony Wright225179191595
10Scott Denig191201201593
11Vince Como216165192573
12Scott Stephens160223188571
13Kurry Crayton159221184564
14Jeremy Brady223156176555
15Monty Wonnacott177149220546
16George Gohagan III204170164538
17Keith Sobczak165184182531
18DJ Miller171160138469
19John Markland1561580314

The actual payout of this event will be posted here once the event has begun, and we know the number of entries.

Payout Scenario #1 Payout Scenario #2

30 entries
1st -- $240
2nd --  $140
3rd -- $100
4th -- $70
5th -- $50

Entry Breakdown $30 prizes, $4 expenses, $6 lineage
$20 x 30 entries = $600
Total Payout = $600

60 entries
1st -- $300
2nd -- $180
3rd -- $150
4th -- $120
5th -- $100
6th -- $90
7th -- $80
8th -- $70
9th -- $60

10th -- $50

Entry Breakdown $20 prizes, $4 expenses, $6 lineage
$20 x 60 entries = $1200
Total Payout = $1200

Regular Jackpot--$10 entry
Pays highest game each game

100% of jackpot entries is paid out

Set 1 will run for games 1-2-3
1st is $25 in each bracket
2nd is $10 in each bracket
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
*there is no limit on the number of brackets that may be entered