August 8, 2020 - Villa Lanes Ladies Classic

Oil Pattern: MSBS Middle of the Toad (39 feet)
Entry Fee: $120

Squad A -- 11:00am
Check-In -- 10:00am - 10:50am

Qualifying: 6-games across 6 pairs of lanes.
Match Play: Cut to top 14 (based on 56 entries), then bowlers compete in a match play bracket with the top 2 getting a BYE in round 1 (with 56 entries).  2-game total pinfall matches in each round until there is a champion.  The bracket will be re-seeded after round 1 if we fill this at 56 entries.
Prize Ratio:  A minimum of 1 in 4 entries will cash in this event

If we fill the first 40 spots fairly quickly, then we will save the last 8 spots for a rabbit squad to be run Friday evening.  Details will follow if this is necessary.  This event is capped at 48 entries.  Anybody paying through PayPal must either pay to friends/family to avoid the fee or pay the fee.  Same goes for any credit card transactions.  

Brian Regan
cell (810) 240-6175
1Stacey Timmer1972032302291762131248
2Lakyn Edwards2431612202051822181229
3Jennifer Higgins1591621852572451891197
4Brandie Reamy1772072251941692161188
5Jenna Beatty2051851791882202051182
6Sydney Brummett2251752152021971581172
7Sydney Urben2222121861422022031167
8Jordan Richard1951991991931781821146
9Haley Richard2131722371781651701135
10Morgan Nunn2102211681332121801124
11Jodi Woessner1481782131771772301123
12April Herman1901641721712022161115
13Alexandra Ross1772031871741672031111
14Dana File2131921721781821741111
15Crystal Bunton1981641901881672011108
16Sandra Mielke1851891791751751941097
17Liana Motel1892021991371542121093
18Veronica Williams1531701532192001981093
19Hayley Ryan1961801631901741791082
20Julia Huren1632001691931661831074
21Liz Payeur1371891702061881831073
22Kylee Trexler1612121881471771861071
23Taiya Williams2092031431941811401070
24Denisyha Waller1731522051571891861062
25Maryssa Carey1651711831791532001051
26Tracy Novak2101641841831451621048
27Michaela David1851611361671951961040
28Kayla Blanchard1761891731521661741030
29Lexi Smigiel1631721871601731531008
30Jaclyn Hobbs1971831751321541621003
31Gabrielle Veenstra166130178174179168995
32Amanda Fisher191162162137145190987
33Clustelle Henry188139175147155180984
34Crystal Smith162146172176180139975
35Ashley Bryant133189128187151164952
36Jessica Mitchell168166140115154175918
37Pancha Melendrez155147161109188147907
38Kim Vitatoe157144156158126161902
39Brittney Kinney143136136174169136894
40Claudia Berger150158164141145126884

Match 1

Top 2 ladies have a BYE in this round, and top 4 from Eliminator advance to match play
Pos.NameGame 1Game 2Total Score
1Brandie Reamy246207453
2Jennifer Higgins248191439
3Sydney Brummett196234430
4Jenna Beatty221183404
5Sydney Urben222172394
6Jordan Richard181194375
7Morgan Nunn199171370
8Haley Richard176173349

Match 2

NameGame 1Game 2Total Score
Sydney Brummett239168407
Stacey Timmer200182382

Match 3

NameGame 1Game 2Total Score
Jenna Beatty256212468
Lakyn Edwards180214394

Match 4

NameGame 1Game 2Total Score
Jennifer Higgins196224420
Brandie Reamy156164320

Match 4

Pos.NameGame 1Total Score
1Jenna Beatty205205
2Jennifer Higgins199199
3Sydney Brummett196196

Match 5

NameGame 1Total Score
Jennifer Higgins215215
Jenna Beatty130130

The actual payout of this event will be posted here once the event has begun, and we know the number of entries.

Payout Scenario #1 Payout Scenario #2
48 entries
1st -- $1800
2nd --  $900
3rd to 4th -- $550
5th to 8th -- $375
9th to 12th -- $240

Entry Breakdown $120 prizes, $0 expenses, $0 lineage
$120 x 48 entries = $5760
Total Payout = $6260
56 entries
1st -- $2000
2nd --  $1000
3rd to 4th -- $600
5th to 8th -- $400
9th to 14th -- $240

Entry Breakdown $120 prizes, $0 expenses, $0 lineage
$120 x 56 entries = $6720
Total Payout = $7240

The optional side action results will be posted here at the conclusion of the tournament

Regular Jackpot--$20 entry
Each game:  $3 per entry
We keep $2 per jackpot entry for expenses

Totals Jackpot--$20 entry

Pays top 1/5 of those who enter
We keep $2 per jackpot entry for expenses
Set 1 will run for games 1-2-3
Set 2 will run for games 4-5-6
1st is $25 in each bracket
2nd is $10 in each bracket

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
*there is a limit of 200 brackets per person per set