April 30, 2018 - Airway Lanes Kalamazoo Sweeper

Oil Pattern: WTBA Atlanta (38 feet)
Entry Fee: $50

Squad A -- 7pm
Check-In -- 6:00pm - 6:55pm

Qualifying: 4-games across 4 pairs of lanes.
Match Play: Cut to top 15 (based on 60 entries), then bowlers are seeded into a bracket. Single-game elimination matches for those who qualify.
Prize Ratio:  A minimum of 1 in 4 entries will cash in this event.  (top 16 will be the max number of bowlers making the cut.  Extra spots will be paid beyond the cut accordingly)


There is a $10 membership once again for the 2018 Sprummer Sweeper Series, and it can be payable in any of the regions. $5 can be paid in the first event bowled and the other $5 can be paid at event #2 bowled.  If you pay the $10 at or before the kickoff event in this region, you will also receive $10 worth of raffle tickets, as we will be raffling off a bowling ball and perhaps other prizes as well.  The $10 membership only needs to be paid one time per Sprummer season and qualifies you for points in each region if you decide to bowl in other regions as well.  

This is event #5 for the SW Michigan region of the 2018 Sprummer Sweeper Series.  Each bowler's top 5 events will count toward their individual points in each region, and the top 4 bowlers in points will automatically cash in each region's rolloff.  The top 4 bowlers for each of these regions will also automatically cash in the 2018 Sprummer Sweeper Championship in September.  

2017 -- Aaron Beaver
2016 -- Drew Klingler

Brian Regan
cell (810) 240-6175
email brian@scratchbowling.com
1Dustin Pierce212225235242914
2Sam Brandt257211251182901
3Aaron Lorincz202226234219881
4Brian Ivey246208216200870
5Cory Hines213173278200864
6David Carroll244181215216856
7Brian Sears204200202238844
8Carson Clark245218193182838
9Logan Huey211213185225834
10John Sitalo214246184188832
11Jimmy Mitchell167226240191824
12Charlie Brown192207209214822
13Melissa Utter201188224201814
14Willie Rushing, Jr.197215214187813
15Marc LaBarge208189214202813
16Aaron Beaver212195208194809
17Scott Brunner210222183194809
18Jacqueline DuCharme204236174192806
19Jeremy Skelly215191220178804
20Jordan Eggleston235209167190801
21Jason Utter201184198217800
22Mike Cabot206180202212800
23Lon Peless200201184211796
24Dan Hochstein180227195193795
25Billy Plane190222186190788
26Aaron Winans211180209183783
27Jordan Oberthaler178193196215782
28Mark Gunthorpe156246180200782
29Brandon Gibson181192197212782
30George Phillips171192205212780
31Josh Kohlbeck193258171156778
32Michael Schlabach188212184192776
33Jessica Snyder199202170204775
34Tyler Wilds160179224211774
35Bill Froberg158203185223769
36Samantha Knight156184217208765
37Collin Rickey171180195214760
38Charles Trennepohl166234170190760
39Caleb Turner190246136186758
40Matt Tucker194204176184758
41Dakota Neff191141231192755
42Dan DuCharme156177221191745
43Larry Chilton181146202212741
44Joe Hutchings161168199210738
45Kevin Mallory167204217146734
46Jason Gibson156181200194731
47Joe Phillips152169197211729
48Tommie Whitten144195167214720
49Ryan Lovett172196156195719
50Jimmy Jackson189189190149717
51Neil Vitale188195150184717
52Brian Regan179159189189716
53Scott Harrison188183183161715
54Darrell Felton181199164165709
55Danny Byers165220185139709
56Jim Dotson167192180168707
57Olivia Clark181212151162706
58David Owens188152186170696
59Karrie Brunner138167208174687
60Alex Hale161142181202686
61James Skelly II179156183167685
62Ken Davis202144194144684
63Jeff Engelman215156147159677
64Mike Preston176130177188671
65Dennis Sigman148186151148633
66Shawn Goshorn169159138159625
67Jeff Califf210148118139615
68Mia Jackson170125127176598
69Brandon Hill, Jr.15719116957574

Match 1

NameGame 1Total Score
Scott Brunner195195
Dustin Pierce193193

Match 2

NameGame 1Total Score
Logan Huey199199
Carson Clark149149

Match 3

NameGame 1Total Score
Brian Ivey213213
Melissa Utter165165

Match 4

NameGame 1Total Score
Cory Hines206206
Charlie Brown179179

Match 5

NameGame 1Total Score
Willie Rushing, Jr.223223
Sam Brandt210210

Match 6

NameGame 1Total Score
Brian Sears180180
John Sitalo161161

Match 7

NameGame 1Total Score
Aaron Lorincz191191
Marc LaBarge146146

Match 8

NameGame 1Total Score
David Carroll203203
Jimmy Mitchell200200

Match 1

NameGame 1Total Score
Logan Huey256256
Scott Brunner168168

Match 2

NameGame 1Total Score
Cory Hines199199
Brian Ivey199199

Match 3

NameGame 1Total Score
Brian Sears175175
Willie Rushing, Jr.161161

Match 4

NameGame 1Total Score
Aaron Lorincz267267
David Carroll240240

Match 1

NameGame 1Total Score
Logan Huey223223
Brian Ivey156156

Match 2

NameGame 1Total Score
Aaron Lorincz247247
Brian Sears192192

Match 1

NameGame 1Total Score
Aaron Lorincz259259
Logan Huey195195

The actual payout of this event will be posted here once the event has begun, and we know the number of entries.

Payout Scenario #1 Payout Scenario #2

30 entries
1st -- $400
2nd --  $200
3rd/4th -- $105
5th to 8th -- $60

Entry Breakdown $35 prizes, $5 expenses, $10 lineage
$35 x 30 entries = $1050
Total Payout = $1050

60 entries
1st -- $700
2nd -- $350
3rd/4th -- $175
5th to 8th -- $90
9th to 15th -- $50

Entry Breakdown $35 prizes, $5 expenses, $10 lineage
$35 x 60 entries = $2100
Total Payout = $2110

90 entries
1st -- $800
2nd -- $400
3rd/4th -- $240
5th to 8th -- $130
9th to 16th -- $70
17th to 22nd -- $50

*Highest non-cashing lady with 3 or more ladies -- $50
*Highest non-cashing senior with 3 or more seniors -- $50

Entry Breakdown $35 prizes, $5 expenses, $10 lineage
$35 x 90 entries = $3150
Total Payout = $3150
Regular Jackpot--$10 entry
Each game:  $2 per entry goes to 1st
Totals:  $2 per entry goes to 1st
Super Jackpot -- $30 entry
Each game:  $5 per entry
Totals:  $5 per entry
Best 2:  $5 per entry

Set 1 will run for games 1-2-3
Set 2 will run for games 4-3-2
Set 3 will run for games 3-1-4
Set 4 will run for games 2-4-1
1st is $10 in each bracket
2nd is $4 in each bracket

*There will be a limit of 25 brackets per set per bowler