35th Annual Bradley Open

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Oil Pattern: TBA
Entry Fee: $300

Finals Video | Round 3 Video | Round 2 Video
B Squad 62nd Place Roll-off Video | Qualifying A & B Video

1st place guaranteed $10,000

plus entry into 2015 USBC Masters
<><><>Live scoring of this event will be available through SCRATCHBOWLING.COM, and Live streaming will be brought to you by MICHIGANBOWLER.TV<><><>

General Information

  • January 11th and 12th, 2014
  • A scratch, singles, sport bowling tournament
  • This event is open to ALL bowlers
  • Prize fund returned 100%
  • USBC youth members are also eligible to participate in this event, so long as their birthday is prior to August 1, 1997
  • Sanctioned by USBC
  • Brackets & Side Pots available
  • $100 DV8 High Game Award
  • $200 for high qualifier for each Saturday sqad

Entry and Squad Information

Entry fee -- $300
Re-entry fee -- $100
A Squad:  Saturday 9:00am
B Squad:  Saturday 1:00pm
C Squad (re-entries only):  Saturday after B Squad
Prize Ratio:  1 in 5 entries will cash



Round 1
ALL entrants will bowl 5 games across 10 lanes, moving 5 pairs to the right after each game of qualifying on Saturday.  The TOP 62 Bowlers from each squad will advance to ROUND 2.  These scores are "NOT" carried over.

Re-entry Squad
After the completion of Squad B we wil be offering a Re-Entry squad for this years event. The Re-Entry Squad will be open to "ALL" bowlers who have already participated in Squads A or B.  Bowlers will have to participate in either squad A or B to be eligible for the Re-Entry squad. Bowlers participating in the Re-Entry Squad will bowl 3 games, moving a pair to the right after each game.  The TOP 8 bowlers with the highest 3 game pin count after the completion of the Re-Entry Squad will re enter the event for ROUND 2.  These scores are "NOT" carried over.

Round 2
The Top 62 bowlers from each qualifying squad (A & B) plus the top 8 Re-Entry Squad bowlers will return Saturday night and bowl a second round of 5 games. The TOP 50 bowlers qualify for Sunday morning round.

Round 3
The TOP 50 bowlers from Saturday night bowl 5 games starting at 9 a.m. Sunday morning scores are carried over from ROUND 2, for a total of 10 games.

The TOP 8 bowlers qualify for Sunday afternoon`s single-elimination match-play (Best 2 out of 3). Scores from ROUND 3 are dropped before match play.

Sweeper Information

Friday Night 6:30pm Sweeper -- $50 entry fee
Friday Night 8:00pm Sweeper -- $50 entry fee


ONLINE:  http://www.bowlingsale.com/bradleyentry/
or call Collins Bowling Center (866) 252-BOWL

Hotel Information

Doubletree Suites -- $91 / night
Homewood Suites -- $95 / night

Entry Form


1Jason Sterner1662372242042351066
2Matt Ogle1931792442571851058
3Daniel Farish1951941782152581040
4Brian Wallace2221722552021761027
5Ronnie Sparks, Jr.1921791782682081025
6Mike Conn2192182111821941024
7David Robisch2102301841832131020
8Greg McMahan2542021681872051016
9Mark Clark1732382112001931015
10Walter Ray Williams, Jr.1891902002172141010
11Bryan Sturgell1762232111702221002
12Ricky Carroll160234181229192996
13Dan MacLelland201183194187228993
14Tommy Jones223215181184188991
15JR Raymond196158240201194989
16Antonio Medina181224172228184989
17Brian Aldridge188150191232223984
18Kamron Doyle212170203192203980
19Zach Cooley199233169199180980
20Jonathon Taylor183213229190156971
21Matt Joyce195235174170189963
22Zeke Bayt186192191173220962
23Steven MacLelland182187216162214961
24Marcus Bell209189162176212948
25Keith Gray239142257184125947
26Lonnie Waliczek172222194190169947
27Austin Boulds152198186192217945
28Darren Chaffin124156234213212939
29Bob Hale162175200188210935
30Chris Priode215186172200159932
31Ricky Fuller169200170167224930
32Derrek Patterson199197165234134929
33Seby Silvestri209136222180179926
34Andrea Sharp173203147186213922
35Steve Novak195206170167179917
36Donnie Todd, Sr.219172166170184911
37Marc Massie203149193205158908
38Tony Lambert203143162216184908
39Chad Roberts197190176158184905
40Eric Abner195183139211177905
41Doug Sharp161191194167192905
42Aaron Martin, Jr.176151179194199899
43Scott Newell144177208154214897
44Michael DeVore176195186156182895
45Weston Toney182210165178158893
46Gary Faulkner (Florida)193144182180191890
47Josh Berry179178165167200889
48Braxton Hatton157189212163160881
49Adam Voth200202171155150878
50Josh Mitchell152215156179165867
51Mike Mynear168171125180219863
52Bryan Gaines190171172177146856
53Billy Carrithers178170162171174855
54Jon Blanton176150168186174854
55Mike Hilvers207159186161141854
56David Matchan139162172224143840
57Norman Worthy, Jr.168170144172180834
58Corey Gillespie178171175100193817
59Jason Williams151172156149187815
60Chad Gilbert151148159140207805
61Michael Heath, Jr.179168159149144799
62Larry Popp141148161167142759

Christopher Baldwin won the roll-off for the 62nd qualifying position.
1Vernon Peterson2321812661972691145
2Michael Machuga2382102212352241128
3Gary Schluchter2442002362372011118
4Lee Vanderhoef1982282352162131090
5Fidel Marchena2762022122151831088
6Brandon Novak2382351771912361077
7Brett Shepherd1732652172331791067
8Logan Joiner2211912261812341053
9Tom Smallwood2531702022032231051
10Tom Daugherty1892041932242371047
11Eddie Graham1762262341852231044
12Kirby Allen2452151802281761044
13John Szczerbinski2242012121942041035
14Tommy Martin2012131872142111026
15Michael Taylor2092082412051481011
16Jay Foote1952661912041541010
17EJ Tackett2271911991931991009
18Eric Cornog1911942372031751000
19Rick Hale1911991892122091000
20Matt Fitch228209191178186992
21Thomas Berish III155232196159245987
22Sean Pepper199154196211226986
23Mike Wolfe155193252196181977
24Jeff White175200178223200976
25Brian Himmler177162166244226975
26Joel Ray223185216184159967
27Eric Grimes225212188177164966
28Anthony Bowman173189224184195965
29Curt Guinn213164202174206959
30Jeff Leaphart176179185214202956
31Thomas Hein224158215145212954
32Daniel Deno211171232149191954
33Stoney Baker236166172186192952
34Brian Dennis183157197204211952
35Brian Waliczek165187205201192950
36Scott Kohlpfarbter185171180178222936
37Matt Jones223199177176159934
38Robert Brown180139221184205929
39Billy Short146197201218164926
40Ryan Burchfield149206170198200923
41Ken Abner217203203152136911
42Jeff Napier223201173144167908
43Shane Dunsing178188181188172907
44Kyle Gillespie188179178145196886
45Daniel Benge224130173177171875
46Tony Tretheway192137188187170874
47Doug Aston154181171188179873
48Jimmy Casteel151171189150207868
49Cody Willoughby165180186152181864
50Jared Lee160173153225151862
51EJ Smith202180162176140860
52Chris Corbin169184180182144859
53Mickey Bennett144190179165180858
54Kyle Bigelow166164171170180851
55Wes Johnson136147188175182828
56Norman Cave171158150169180828
57Shawn Murphy199162158138161818
58Adam West170141156181161809
59Franklin Smith155179168142151795
60Coy Lee Cox125161163167178794
61Timothy Brown163148142151179783
62Mark Walters196120126161177780
63Christopher Baldwin154154182148142780
64Jimmy Brown108179135185108715

The top 8 bowlers will advance from the C squad to round 2.

The top 50 bowlers from round 2 will advance to bowl round 3 at 9:00 Sunday morning.
1Michael Machuga2242262022491811082
2Brian Aldridge2092572032321811082
3Jay Foote1912332362361751071
4Ricky Fuller2422002062022171067
5Tom Daugherty2041832202362201063
6Tom Smallwood2371592212112301058
7John Szczerbinski2222012012022321058
8Jason Sterner1802022771722251056
9Dan MacLelland2202191902481681045
10Eric Cornog2101981942431991044
11Daniel Farish2142142441761931041
12EJ Tackett1971862241912351033
13Aaron Martin, Jr.1762292012232021031
14Lee Vanderhoef2012332431651851027
15Brandon Novak2251891802212061021
16Darren Chaffin2031702102112241018
17Walter Ray Williams, Jr.1932162022081981017
18Brian Himmler1681672382192221014
19Rick Hale2291971812111911009
20Matt Jones1981812122381801009
21Zeke Bayt1801841992142311008
22Tommy Jones2091432142352051006
23Adam West2201742271861991006
24Seby Silvestri1891821852472001003
25Matt Fitch202192234171200999
26Gary Faulkner (Florida)224165180224203996
27Vernon Peterson227213180200175995
28Steven MacLelland195205181224180985
29Ronnie Sparks, Jr.198196204193193984
30Ken Abner178193196191225983
31EJ Smith194187208198195982
32Thomas Berish III166243199190182980
33Curt Guinn183200178246172979
34Anthony Bowman210164187235183979
35Bob Hale189176246158206975
36Josh Mitchell213186152212212975
37Shane Dunsing184206216172197975
38Chris Priode214136232221170973
39Billy Carrithers222199180185184970
40Kirby Allen183161200202224970
41Jeff White206195186177203967
42Kamron Doyle216215138181216966
43Brian Waliczek176160207222199964
44Lonnie Waliczek197203157224183964
45Mike Conn168182203184224961
46Brian Wallace208229182160181960
47Scott Newell208188196196171959
48Eric Grimes167212176178221954
49Derrek Patterson227157212181175952
50Ricky Carroll170200181181213945
51Sean Pepper215167168203190943
52Chad Gilbert201221155191175943
53Tommy Martin185218191169180943
54Mike Mynear180193181223165942
55Robert Brown180205193166196940
56Jeff Leaphart198193197156195939
57Brian Dennis194203168195177937
58Zach Cooley217160223151184935
59Steve Novak179168182210195934
60Mike Wolfe156193202191191933
61Antonio Medina188175192189189933
62Eddie Graham192182144229181928
63Josh Berry193216183141192925
64Tony Lambert201145168219188921
65Doug Aston236192179126188921
66Gary Schluchter150163233183191920
67Eric Abner173165198184197917
68Greg McMahan207197188186137915
69Jason Williams153194157219192915
70Coy Lee Cox171203178150213915
71Doug Sharp194157205189166911
72Keith Gray172170193168205908
73Tony Tretheway166115234171215901
74Timothy Brown146246177160167896
75Wes Johnson200161192176167896
76Michael Taylor147163198182205895
77Joel Ray180184213168149894
78Mark Clark176167189188171891
79David Robisch168147180185210890
80Adam Voth179158213182158890
81Daniel Deno210133169212166890
82Matt Ogle172176181192168889
83Chris Corbin131200193184180888
84Norman Worthy, Jr.148199190201149887
85Kyle Bigelow172179197157182887
86Scott Kohlpfarbter177197160170180884
87Jon Blanton185188166171172882
88Fidel Marchena158155184195189881
89Michael Heath, Jr.136187215169166873
90Jimmy Casteel175161156204175871
91Chad Roberts172167188149195871
92Donnie Todd, Sr.162214166163159864
93Logan Joiner214158189135168864
94Jonathon Taylor167159179178179862
95Thomas Hein165159166190181861
96Weston Toney181159141190187858
97Andrea Sharp143175149223168858
98Bryan Sturgell198141163166188856
99Jared Lee172183153166181855
100Norman Cave190166118149231854
101Mickey Bennett174124192178183851
102Marc Massie147172156187181843
103Daniel Benge174158185152167836
104Bryan Gaines132149199180174834
105Brett Shepherd164185135170178832
106JR Raymond174182148162165831
107Billy Short172163144181169829
108Shawn Murphy183123222128172828
109David Matchan181140190163152826
110Austin Boulds220141148176140825
111Michael DeVore169147167168163814
112Marcus Bell174168158167145812
113Mike Hilvers192167172123153807
114Jeff Napier151171141173168804
115Cody Willoughby189179158148126800
116Ryan Burchfield149182166160139796
117Matt Joyce135180162137170784
118Braxton Hatton167180161154111773
119Larry Popp165155142156153771
120Kyle Gillespie149150171125146741
121Mark Walters136193158136110733
122Stoney Baker1741801741690697
123Christopher Baldwin135144186750540
124Corey Gillespie158190117710536
125Franklin Smith156170000326

The top 50 bowlers from round 2 advanced to round 3 with pins carrying over from round 2. These bowlers will bowl 5 games starting at 9:00 Sunday morning. The top 8 bowlers after round 3 will advance to match play finals.
1Brandon Novak10212422422741842682231
2Tommy Jones10062132782562072372197
3Ricky Fuller10672321881842301962097
4Tom Smallwood10581902252012122052091
5John Szczerbinski10582241962251971882088
6Tom Daugherty10632171982351801882081
7Dan MacLelland10451851691962472272069
8Ronnie Sparks, Jr.9841922571941942442065
9Jason Sterner10562161882551551942064
10Lee Vanderhoef10272122241792132042059
11Brian Aldridge10822011881981792052053
12Zeke Bayt10082361801782462032051
13Daniel Farish10412001922032142002050
14Michael Machuga10821841901781882162038
15Darren Chaffin10181811802332251992036
16Eric Cornog10441612491791772112021
17Jeff White9672152052072221992015
18Matt Jones10092082221931781902000
19Lonnie Waliczek9642161982121932131996
20EJ Tackett10331811911912331541983
21Jay Foote10711641641822041901975
22EJ Smith9822002001931882061969
23Vernon Peterson9951841712112201851966
24Steven MacLelland9851791682581751931958
25Eric Grimes9541801772262451741956
26Anthony Bowman9791921601952082161950
27Kamron Doyle9661871792031852291949
28Brian Himmler10141631792161971801949
29Rick Hale10091922161661801781941
30Chris Priode9731782222182031311925
31Mike Conn9611861961871932021925
32Thomas Berish III9802081981911531921922
33Curt Guinn9791991802121821701922
34Billy Carrithers9701771721831712431916
35Matt Fitch9991721941941931601912
36Aaron Martin, Jr.10311751721911811611911
37Brian Waliczek9641662002042111641909
38Walter Ray Williams, Jr.10171891711791681821906
39Adam West10061931921601841701905
40Seby Silvestri10031881981761751601900
41Ken Abner9832141781551821741886
42Josh Mitchell9751771592121871691879
43Scott Newell9592031711501812061870
44Derrek Patterson9521771911931891621864
45Gary Faulkner (Florida)9961601952011591521863
46Bob Hale9751651861871551631831
47Brian Wallace9601851651741721681824
48Kirby Allen9701931681501611741816
49Ricky Carroll9451591771801941401795
50Shane Dunsing9751781591461781281764

Match 1

NameGame 1Game 2Game 3Total Score
Brandon Novak187222186595
Ronnie Sparks, Jr.188216184588

Match 2

NameGame 1Game 2Game 3Total Score
Tommy Jones257198210665
Dan MacLelland186203192581

Match 3

NameGame 1Game 2Game 3Total Score
Tom Daugherty222216195633
Ricky Fuller173245192610

Match 4

NameGame 1Game 2Game 3Total Score
John Szczerbinski176232228636
Tom Smallwood193194222609

Match 1

NameGame 1Game 2Game 3Total Score
John Szczerbinski279163216658
Brandon Novak187179205571

Match 2

NameGame 1Game 2Game 3Total Score
Tommy Jones1792680447
Tom Daugherty1671950362

Match 1

NameGame 1Game 2Game 3Total Score
Tommy Jones209177235621
John Szczerbinski186203173562
Position Bowler Payout
1st Tommy Jones $10,000
2nd John Szczerbinski $5,000
3rd Brandon Novak $1,500
3rd Tom Daugherty $1,500
5th Ronnie Sparks, Jr. $800
5th Dan MacLelland $800
5th Ricky Fuller $800
5th Tom Smallwood $800
9th Jason Sterner $700
10th Lee Vanderhoef $600
11th Brian Aldridge $590
12th Zeke Bayt $580
13th Daniel Farish $570
14th Michael Machuga $560
15th Darren Chaffin $550
16th Eric Cornog $475
17th Jeff White $475
18th Matt Jones $475
19th Lonnie Waliczek $475
20th EJ Tackett $475
21st Jay Foote $450
22nd EJ Smith $450
23rd Vernon Peterson $450
24th Steven MacLelland $450
25th Eric Grimes $450
26th Anthony Bowman $400
27th Kamron Doyle $400
28th Brian Himmler $400
29th Rick Hale $400
30th Chris Priode $400
31st Mike Conn $375
32nd Thomas Berish III $375
33rd Curt Guinn $375
34th Billy Carrithers $375
35th Matt Fitch $375
36th Aaron Martin, Jr. $350
37th Brian Waliczek $350
38th Walter Ray Williams, Jr. $350
39th Adam West $350
40th Seby Silvestri $350
41st Ken Abner $325
42nd Josh Mitchell $325
43rd Scott Newell $325
44th Derrek Patterson $325
45th Gary Faulkner $325
46th Bob Hale $300
47th Brian Wallace $300
48th Kirby Allen $300
49th Ricky Carroll $300
50th Shane Dunsing $300

Total Payout: $38,725