October 19-20, 2013 - Arenac Lanes Standish Open

Oil Pattern: MSBS 36 (36 feet)
Entry Fee: $85

Squad A -- Saturday 6:00 pm, limited to 36 entries
Squad B -- Sunday 10:00 am, limited to 36 entries
Check-in starts @ 5:00 pm and 9:00am respectively

Qualifying: 6-games across 6 pairs of lanes.  Each squad will have its own cut into match play!
Match Play: Cut to top 6 from each squad (based on 72 entries), then bowlers are seeded into a bracket. 2-game matches until top 4 remain. Stepladder for top 4 based on 8 game total pinfall (not counting first round due to BYES for top 4 bowlers).

Payout based on 72 entries
1) $1300
2) $650
3) $500
4) $400
5-8) $250
9-12) $150
13-18) $100

With a minimum of 4 senior bowlers (50 and up), the highest non-cashing senior bowler will receive $100

With a minimum of 4 lady bowlers, the highest non-cashing lady will receive $100

Thank you to Brunswick for donating a bowling ball to the high qualifier of this event!!!

Side Action
$25 Jackpots (pays 2 spots per game, 3 spots for totals)
$5 brackets (set 1 is games 1-2-3, set 2 is games 4-5-6)

Contact Brian Regan to register (810) 240-6175, brian@scratchbowling.com

* Top 3 bowlers made the cut to match play. Top 4 bowlers cashed.
1Gabe Jacks1972081981982291951225
2Frank Snodgrass1652042001932202341216
3Gary Schluchter2141871882511941771211
4Casey Shephard1431971811593002111191
5Aaron Phillips1681671392092642371184
6Lon Peless1722071881491732521141
7Scott Patke1752221951371811821092
8Frank Porter1711861881971731761091
9Christopher Koontz1391342092042081641058
10Steve Novak1681721801821491681019
11Keith Sobczak170160172190148147987
12Ted Thayer132194161153169156965
13Michael Bowers7810391116155105648

* Top 2 bowlers made the cut to match play. Top 3 bowlers cashed.
1JR Raymond1732671812062231941244
2John Weiss1701911922432142211231
3Robert Eddy II2122202041701772211204
4Brian Waliczek2221322261841801971141
5Tom Smallwood2021871671641991651084
6Julie Oczepek1571802281841681451062
7Ben Dapkus1531712141801661511035
8Lon Peless1311641621652091941025
9Brian Regan14112612910800504

Match 1

NameGame 1Game 2Total Score
Frank Snodgrass203227430
Gary Schluchter192193385

Match 1

NameGame 1Game 2Total Score
Frank Snodgrass190162352
JR Raymond175172347

Match 2

NameGame 1Game 2Total Score
Gabe Jacks245192437
John Weiss177181358

Match 1

NameGame 1Game 2Total Score
Frank Snodgrass183181364
Gabe Jacks158185343