November 9-10, 2013 - Oak Lanes Open

Tournament Director Brian Regan with Champion JR Raymond and Runner-Up Jason Flaugh

Tournament Director Brian Regan with Champion JR Raymond and Runner-Up Jason Flaugh

Oil Pattern: USBC Masters (2012) (40 feet)
Entry Fee: $150 | PayPal: $155

Check-in starts @ 8:30am, closes at 9:45am
Paddock @ 9:45am
Saturday Bowl @ 10:00am
Sunday Top 10 Bowl @ 9:00am

Saturday Qualifying: 8-games across 8 pairs of lanes.
Sunday Match Play: Top 10 bowlers will bowl 9 games round robin followed by a 10th game position round. Total 18 game total pinfall plus bonus pins (30 bonus pins per win in RR match play) determines final standings.

Payout based on 80 entries
1) $3000
2) $1500
3) $1000
4) $750
5) $550
6) $400
7) $370
8) $340
9) $320
10) $300
11-20) $150 apiece


This payout includes $30 added from expenses, but we hope to add more via ball raffles and 50/50 drawings. We are also seeking sponsors for this event. We will add money to the bottom and middle of the payout first if we are able to raise extra money. 

Thank you to Brunswick for donating a bowling ball to the high qualifier of this event!!!

Side Action
$50 Jackpots (pays 2 spots per game, 3 spots for totals)
$5 brackets (set 1 is games 1-2-3, set 2 is games 4-5-6, and set 3 is games 6-7-8)

Contact Brian Regan to register (810) 240-6175,

* Top 10 bowlers will made the cut to match play. Top 12 bowlers cash. Steve Novak won the roll off for the 12th cashing position.
1Mason Brantley2212171652172532272052561761
2George Juszczyk1811812552102572372461911758
3Jason Sollars2282262271822012322042421742
4Zeke Bayt2792142351932121871822401742
5Ronnie Sparks, Jr.2142262582261921462142591735
6Brandon Teddy2141771922042202412871961731
7JR Raymond2222432232012032332121761713
8Jason Flaugh1892032441942452232151951708
9Justin O'Hara2561972431291852772451741706
10Lonnie Jones2242561841672342661881691688
11Brian Waliczek2252462051912192002041961686
12Steve Novak2151812492651741811792351679
13Frank Snodgrass2652021831981602332451931679
14Jeff Roche1912252121951822362141991654
15Chris Kliczinski1762241962442331691752351652
16Aaron Lorincz1552271972281652252102381645
17Scott Jones2021641772002092012462301629
18Terry Haines II1762692201892361911921531626
19Josh Conner2372042072132051791662141625
20Brian Valenta2452121871712202271931681623
21Gabe Jacks2352002271532391471912271619
22Nick Cooper2192461742281901691892001615
23Eric Tackett2251812152152041922121611605
24Chris Pierson2251621882431512121902341605
25Chad Vendeville2491742141781901922111901598
26Jhamall McGaughy2421582241622031692511891598
27Toby Sidle2011801551641991992372391574
28Mark Milasinovich1741801902122012171872101571
29Bill Gates2001642152252001711941881557
30Anthony Kennard2341541952571652141681471534
31Lon Peless1812241822341561681562281529
32Nik Skillman1452002341802201592181691525
33Chad Roberts2251831731942131551851721500
34Trey Raynes2232011691941402131781741492
35Chris Ehrenberg2011692131742361461611821482
36Dan Hochstein1712191831771751722111711479
37Tim Bell2022141622021711841841571476
38Ray Shinosky1002132242031741901791681451
39Matthew Fields1921351511921971892211551432
40Jake Schwanger1421971841991981811771531431
41Justin Jeffery1661332021551912141691931423
42Phillip Coyle1471442151391861811662281406
43Paul Dalton1571711861591841751891811402
44Ben Dapkus1881451951681711591451861357
45Ryan Burns1531561581681701671901851347

Match 1

Pos.NameQual. ScoreBonusQual. ScoreBonus12345678910Total Score
1JR Raymond17132102271572782382262242362472062174179
2Jason Flaugh17082402432361532452792331952242451674168
3Ronnie Sparks, Jr.17351502222431941922482242572372062024110
4Zeke Bayt17421501872331981881902102672472492154076
5Jason Sollars17422102122071851822162252092471942034032
6Mason Brantley17611052051842442112242202592211981934025
7George Juszczyk17581202272001722222381781592062272203927
8Justin O'Hara17061352081352562112361952022141492253872
9Lonnie Jones16881201881681822242342121921881921763764
10Brandon Teddy1731601522131971811871732311641781943661
Position Bowler Amount
1st JR Raymond $1500
2nd Jason Flaugh $750
3rd Ronnie Sparks, Jr. $550
4th Zeke Bayt $400
5th Jason Sollars $380
6th Mason Brantley $360
7th George Juszczyk $340
8th Justin O'Hara $320
9th Lonnie Jones $300
10th Brandon Teddy $280
11th Brian Waliczek $150
12th Steve Novak $150