June 17, 2013 - Shelby Lanes Sweeper

Oil Pattern: USBC Open Championships - Singles/Doubles (2013) (39 feet)
Entry Fee: $40

Format: 4-game qualifier, cut to top 16 for match play (based on 72 entries)
Match Play: Seeded bracket, single game elimination

<><><>LIMITED TO 72 ENTRIES<><><>

All competition is scratch!

PAYOUT (with full field of 72 entries)
1st) $660
2nd) $330
3rd-4th) $165
5th-8th) $90
9th-16th) $60
17th-18th) $40

$10 Jackpot (includes each game and totals)
$5 brackets for games 1-2-3 and 2-3-4

Contact Brian Regan (810) 240-6175, brian@scratchbowling.com

*Top 4 bowlers made the cut to match play.
1Lonnie Jones211247267216941
2Brandon Dean175245234257911
3Justin Crosby223198245199865
4Mark Milasinovich226202200213841
5Carl Boldt181214195247837
6Jonathan Murphy226183234189832
7Craig Carter182243205187817
8Bill Wittenberg212212191200815
9Ryan Mitter155213244170782
10Brian Regan190187224168769
11Mike Frenak189176170207742
12Tristan Moseley186203180168737
13Brett Schalk160180212168720
14Mike Kereluk159191191173714
15Rory Kalanquin141242152160695
16Frank Snodgrass192147188157684
17Shane DuFresne190174132145641

Match 1

NameGame 1Total Score
Mark Milasinovich195195
Lonnie Jones160160

Match 2

NameGame 1Total Score
Justin Crosby228228
Brandon Dean210210

Match 1

NameGame 1Total Score
Justin Crosby214214
Mark Milasinovich202202