January 20, 2016 - SW Michigan Sweeper Series - Richland Lanes

Oil Pattern: MSBS 42 (42 feet)
Entry Fee: $15

Squad A -- 7:00pm
Check-In -- 5:45pm - 6:55pm

Qualifying: 3-games across 3 pairs of lanes.

This event is part of a series of traveling sweepers that will be run in SW Michigan from January through April.  There is NO COMMITMENT to attend each week and no weekly payout for each sweeper, but there will be weekly jackpots and brackets.  The purpose of these weekly sweepers is to give local bowlers a chance to compete on sport patterns regularly while also building a big prize fund for a larger sweeper which will take place once every 5-8 weeks. This is also an inexpensive way to attract new bowlers to our events and to sport bowling.

Entry fee per person -- $15
Lineage -- $6
Expenses -- $4
Season prize fund - $5

If we draw just 20 bowlers per week for 6 weeks, then we'll have $600 in the season prize fund to add to the Sweeper Rolloff in week 6.  Entry fee will be $40-$50 for the Sweeper Rolloff.  Those who bowl in more of the $15 sweepers will save money on the entry fee into the Sweeper Rolloff.  Complete details will be available once we get each sweeper booked for the first 5-8 week session.

Brian Regan
cell (810) 240-6175
email brian@scratchbowling.com
1Nathan Rickey190195182567
2Zach Brandt (Kalamazoo)178144211533
3Collin Rickey170184177531
4Chris Campbell152185192529
5Brian Regan178171179528
6Sean Harvath190175142507
7Tyler Johnston178177150505
8Samantha Knight176149167492
Regular Jackpot--$10 entry
Each game:  $2 per entry goes to 1st
Totals:  $4 per entry goes to pay the top 2
Eliminator--$5 entry
Cut in half after 1 and cut in half again after two games.  We will pay the top 2 as long as we get at least 10 people in this jackpot
Match Play--$10 entry
Top 2, 4, or 8 bowlers will qualify depending on the number of entries in this jackpot.  If you make the cut, then you will cash in this jackpot.  An extra fee for lineage will be taken out of each entry to cover the extra games bowled in match play.  
Set 1 will run for games 1-2-3
1st is $10 in each bracket
2nd is $4 in each bracket
*there is no limit of brackets that you may enter