December 27, 2015 - 300 Bowl Challenge

Champion Tom Smallwood & Runner-Up Carleton Chambers

Champion Tom Smallwood & Runner-Up Carleton Chambers

Oil Pattern: Kegel Winding Road (39 feet)
Entry Fee: $65
Squad A -- 11:00am
Check-In -- 9:30am - 10:45am

Qualifying: 5 games across 5 pairs of lanes.
Eliminator Rounds: Cut to top 15 (based on 60 entries).  All qualifying pins are dropped, and all pins are dropped after each round.
Elim. Round 1:  Top 15 bowl 2 games on 2 pairs of lanes, cut to top 8
Elim. Round 2:  Top 8 bowl 1 game, cut to top 3
Elim. Round 3:  Top 4 bowl 1 game, cut to top 2
Elim. Round 4:  Top 2 bowl 1 game for the title.
Prize Ratio:  A minimum of 1 in 4 entries will cash in this event


Brian Regan
cell (810) 240-6175
1EJ Tackett2172692242262791215
2Carleton Chambers2772542261872681212
3Aaron Lorincz2282262352471831119
4Eric Tackett1822462172572121114
5Tom Smallwood2022361842462251093
6Jeff Austreng2671921902142141077
7Gary Schluchter1892582012012221071
8Shawn Bibee2571882072032101065
9Earon Vollmar2441922042082131061
10John Tovar2072201861972451055
11Greg Kuehnl2341792361882091046
12Kyle Owens2991762161651891045
13Brian Odom2022591882071871043
14Chase Siburt1882311942361841033
15Greg Sierzan1702172631921821024
16Tom Albert2351941762132031021
17Brian Regan1612312642021561014
18Alexandder Davis1841802302012161011
19David Owens2251982361821691010
20Dan Pollak1901562052192351005
21Gary Quillico1882332141941741003
22Dan Hochstein194225165181224989
23Bill Kandilian159200180223220982
24Tim Mayer243176198177186980
25Mike Phillips221171239172176979
26Mike Anderson201184159210224978
27Adam Jablonski199203203201170976
28Lonnie Jones202193180188210973
29Michael Jachcinski203166231177194971
30Terrance Bell204226177190171968
31BJ Satkowski164242200189167962
32Ryan Baker187208221183162961
33Brady Parr178230181199164952
34Randy Hawks191182231156192952
35Joe Hutchings235170148177214944
36Phillip Coyle181207240166148942
37John Robertson155202156233195941
38Ben Hill193180180232155940
39Robert Eddy II169244211162154940
40Sean Black206187207155170925
41Mikel Polley201183194149195922
42Jeremy Hughes194157194194179918
43Doug Moore198183154220160915
44Scott Honeysett169133207223180912
45Carl Pollard160164168213206911
46Lou Ampola174191175169196905
47Frank Snodgrass180164175162222903
48Danny Wilson208208148170169903
49Anthony Moses225185155169162896
50Marcus Zinn179200159131224893
51Kurry Crayton180169158170215892
52Zac Tackett169192160186181888
53Taylor Booth168199175166179887
54Steve Tank255115165192156883
55Bryan Green151190207196137881
56Marty Martinez147194162173197873
57Rick Allen139185192174181871
58Thomas Smith179186192170142869
59Michael Schlabach163181194140189867
60Rodney Martinez158186235131157867
61Scott Patton143176167170211867
62Dylan Sayles146170180178190864
63Michael Burger163142183196177861
64Brian Dimuzio, Jr.202170155146181854
65Corey Fulton174192179152148845
66Anthony Emmi176173158170166843
67Henry Fee147166189147193842
68Eric Emmi177177165175142836
69Chris Palermo132152220158172834
70Kevin Mallory178159191156146830
71Tony Perrino203125153185161827
72Aaron Gray170177143163166819
73Jay Hughes181154187187100809
74Derick Davis161149115168165758
75Brett Beckett100126157185147715
76Dave Kohn116133128176157710
77Casey Fiddler141130138122152683

Match 1

Pos.NameGame 1Game 2Total Score
1Tom Smallwood265247512
2EJ Tackett278200478
3Brian Regan216257473
4Brian Odom255195450
5Carleton Chambers239197436
6Gary Schluchter215210425
7Greg Sierzan222197419
8Chase Siburt181222403
9Eric Tackett206196402
10Kyle Owens224178402
11David Owens165233398
12Earon Vollmar172225397
13Shawn Bibee210165375
14Jeff Austreng227137364
15John Tovar157202359
16Alexandder Davis181168349
17Aaron Lorincz142183325
18Greg Kuehnl167151318
19Dan Pollak144156300
20Tom Albert150125275

Match 1

Pos.NameGame 1Total Score
1Tom Smallwood279279
2EJ Tackett236236
3Kyle Owens235235
4Brian Odom216216
5Carleton Chambers215215
6Eric Tackett182182
7Brian Regan181181
8Chase Siburt176176
9Gary Schluchter161161
10Greg Sierzan160160

Match 1

Pos.NameGame 1Total Score
1Carleton Chambers248248
2EJ Tackett215215
3Tom Smallwood211211
4Kyle Owens187187
5Brian Odom187187

Match 1

Pos.NameGame 1Total Score
1Carleton Chambers258258
2Tom Smallwood244244
3EJ Tackett225225

Match 1

NameGame 1Total Score
Tom Smallwood243243
Carleton Chambers202202

With these Metro Challenge events, our goal is to pay $1000 on top as often as possible and cap it at that amount.  With more entries, we will simply beef up the rest of the cash spots, so that more people can make a profit (as opposed to breaking even).  We have listened to what bowlers want, and we feel this will make the majority happier.

Payout Scenario #1 Payout Scenario #2

60 entries
1st -- $1000
2nd --  $500
3rd to 4th -- $250
5th to 8th -- $125
9th to 15th -- $65

Entry Breakdown $45 prizes, $8 expenses, $12 lineage
$45 x 60 entries = $2700
Total Payout = $2955

120 entries (full)
1st -- $1000
2nd -- $500
3rd to 4th -- $350
5th to 8th -- $200
9th to 16th -- $150
17th - 30th -- $100

Entry Breakdown $45 prizes, $5 expenses, $12 lineage
$45 x 120 entries = $5400
Total Payout = $5550


The optional side action results will be posted here at the conclusion of the tournament

Regular Jackpot--$15 entry
This jackpot pays out high game for each game and highest series.  With high participation, 2 spots will be paid per game and 2 spots for totals.
Extra Totals Jackpots--$40 entry
3 additional Totals Jackpots will be available at $40 per jackpot.  Each Totals Jackpot will work as follows:
  • At least 1 in 4 will cash in each Jackpot
  • Payout is based on qualifying totals only
  • $35 per entry goes to prize fund, $5 to expenses
Set 1 will run for games 1-2-3
Set 2 will run for games 4-5-6
1st is $25 in each bracket
2nd is $10 in each bracket

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
*there is no limit on the number of brackets that may be entered