2016 Sweepers


*Bowlers must have 8 games in to qualify for these lists. If less than 10 bowlers qualify, this requirement is waived.

Overall Average Leaders
1Jodi Woessner22318
2Craig Nidiffer22320
3Ken Wyatt220.27311
4Adam Jablonski215.16712
5Ronnie Sparks, Jr.214.759116
6Scott Mather214.2512
7Charles Easton213.12580
8Steve Jakubowski (Temperance, MI)2129
9Aaron Lorincz211.191199
10JR Raymond211.13622
Qualifying Average Leaders
1Ken Wyatt222.1258
2Craig Nidiffer220.35317
3Scott Mather217.3758
4Ronnie Sparks, Jr.216.57771
5Jodi Woessner216.33312
6Adam Jablonski2168
7Steve Jakubowski (Temperance, MI)214.758
8Charles Easton212.24158
9Andrew Anderson211.85167
10John Kelley211.37516
Matchplay Average Leaders
1Mason Brantley220.54511
2Aaron Lorincz219.63165
3Earon Vollmar217.7512
4Charles Easton215.45522
5Lonnie Jones212.78614
6Ronnie Sparks, Jr.211.88945
7Corey Miller209.258
8Andrew Anderson209.04224
9Drew Klingler208.43816
10Carl Boldt205.86715