2016 Small Town Challenge Series


*Bowlers must have 8 games in to qualify for these lists. If less than 10 bowlers qualify, this requirement is waived.

Overall Average Leaders
1Scott Mather284.36411
2JR Raymond270.28621
3Charles Easton236.36433
4Lon Peless235.83324
5Craig Nidiffer228.810
6Jeremy Delcamp227.758
7James Koss2228
8John Kelley221.6679
9Aaron Phillips217.7512
10Zack Colosimo216.258
Qualifying Average Leaders
1Aaron Phillips219.710
2JR Raymond215.54511
3Anthony Kennard214.59327
4Charles Easton214.38121
5EJ Tackett210.91712
6Zach Brandt (GR)209.910
7Ronnie Sparks, Jr.209.18222
8Brian Waliczek209.05917
9Cory Hines208.54522
10Frank Snodgrass206.76517
Matchplay Average Leaders
1JR Raymond330.510
2Lon Peless322.58
3Charles Easton274.83312
4Anthony Kennard218.710
5Eric Tackett215.3339
6Chandler Stevens214.6679
7Drew Klingler212.6258
8Gary Schluchter207.512
9Brian Regan197.810
10Brian Odom196.7789