2015 Summer Sweeper Series


*Bowlers must have 8 games in to qualify for these lists. If less than 10 bowlers qualify, this requirement is waived.

Overall Average Leaders
1Marcus Spigner218.72711
2Craig Nidiffer214.12158
3Frank Snodgrass212.43816
4Mike Calvin212.36411
5Aaron Lorincz211.52269
6Mason Brantley211.07128
7Drew Klingler210.93330
8Chris Steward208.57919
9Andrew Anderson206.44252
10JR Raymond204.46715
Qualifying Average Leaders
1Marcus Spigner2198
2Craig Nidiffer216.540
3Aaron Lorincz214.51952
4Drew Klingler213.820
5Mike Calvin210.6258
6Mason Brantley207.73719
7Frank Snodgrass206.58312
8Chris Steward205.41712
9Andrew Bennett205.2512
10Ronnie Sparks, Jr.204.79544
Matchplay Average Leaders
1Andrew Anderson218.7512
2Mason Brantley218.1119
3Brian Odom215.810
4Nick Kokenos210.69213
5Craig Nidiffer208.83318
6David Owens208.410
7Charles McLeod205.43816
8Drew Klingler205.210
9Aaron Lorincz202.35317
10Ronnie Sparks, Jr.196.16712