2015 Metro Challenge Series


*Bowlers must have 8 games in to qualify for these lists. If less than 10 bowlers qualify, this requirement is waived.

Overall Average Leaders
1Andy Smith237.810
2Zach Hazel231.758
3Neeko Robison230.510
4Nick Kokenos227.65632
5Brian Odom225.758
6Brian Regan222.92313
7Aaron Lorincz219.85714
8Ronnie Sparks, Jr.219.47117
9John Robertson218.08312
10Nick Cooper217.86715
Qualifying Average Leaders
1Anthony Kennard225.310
2Ronnie Sparks, Jr.224.110
3Nick Kokenos223.4520
4Nick Cooper221.910
5Joe Bailey218.510
6John Robertson217.710
7Brian Regan216.410
8Kurry Crayton214.73315
9Drew Klingler211.710
10Aaron Lorincz209.210
Matchplay Average Leaders
1Andy Smith259.85
2Aaron Lorincz246.54
3Brian Regan244.6673
4Kyle King236.254
5Nick Kokenos234.66712
6Neeko Robison234.65
7Lonnie Jones2289
8Zach Hazel223.3333
9John Robertson2202
10Brian Odom219.3333